Thoughts from Kelln

Getting Near

Posted on December 14, 2015

     Some fantastic dates are getting near.  The first one is a term that everyone can relate to, especially teachers and students–Christmas Break.  Next Friday brings that much anticipated day in Shattuck.          The new Stars Wars movie gets released later this week.  The Hollywood box office records that this movie will generate will be retarded.  Duke and I have our tickets and are primed.        Speaking of Hollywood,

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All in a day

Posted on December 11, 2015

      It is hard to believe that it has been 70 degrees F these past few days.  No ice to break or watch goats slip on.  The mud is gone.  70, in NW OK, in December…RUKM?  And no wind?  I’m sure we will pay for it later, but it is nice.       For some reason, this Thursday was not fun.  No major problems…just lots of hiccups and headaches that add up.

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Posted on December 10, 2015

     There is a fairly current hit song by the artist, The Weeknd.  (I didn’t name him or spell it for him.) The song is titled “Can’t feel my face.”  The chorus of the song is “I can’t feel my face when I’m with you.”  One of the very best students at Shattuck High went to the dentist yesterday to get a tooth worked on.  And yes, she sang “I can’t feel my face

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Posted on December 08, 2015

      I sit here in eager anticipation of the new Star Wars movie that is to be released on the public in a week or so.  Although, I thoroughly enjoy the Star Wars saga, I would not say that any of those movies are the absolute best movie ever made.  And that is saying something as I really like these movies.  Ironically, two of the very best movies ever made have came up

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What I know

Posted on December 06, 2015

     I know if we hit the way back button and traveled in reverse to the year 1988 we had Ronald Reagan as our President.  Johnny Cash was still performing and Bob Hope was doing comedy specials and introducing the All American football players–Barry Sanders & Hart Lee Dykes.  Now, in 2015 you have obama, NO CASH and NO HOPE!         Here’s what else I know.  The Champion’s Choice jackpot was

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Champion’s Choice Jackpot

Posted on December 04, 2015

     The Champion’s Choice Jackpot show is this Saturday in Norman, OK.  The weather outside is supposed to be delightful this weekend.  It is the season of giving and this jackpot show will give away about $40,000.  Yes, that is $40K that will be won.  There are lots of people that don’t make $40K in a year and here we are giving it away.  Go to for all of the sponsoring breeders, times,

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Posted on December 02, 2015

    Dec. 1, 2015 is the 15th birthday of our favorite son.  Yep, Duke is 15.  If you haven’t seen him in the past several months, he isn’t that cute little boy anymore.  The feed bill has gotten considerably higher as he has gotten taller.       We were out of power on Monday evening.  The chores were done, tanks full and it was getting cold.  We elected to go to Woodward and

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Goats on Ice

Posted on November 29, 2015

     The weather has been fairly crappy in this part of the world.  We recieved about an 1″ of rain on Thanksgiving Day.  Then it froze, then it sleeted on top of that and then we got a little bit of snow.  Friday was kind of a slippery kind of day.  But it wasn’t that cold and the wind was mild.  Then Friday night we got another layer of frozen rain.  Then Saturday night

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Thanskgiving Day

Posted on November 27, 2015

       We had a successful Thanksgiving.  It was here in paradise, 3 miles south of Fargo.  My parents were here.  Both brothers and their families.  Even had a couple of family friends that attended dinner with us.  I love it that we have extended “family” that feel welcome enough to spend a holiday with us.  We also got to do a little facetime with our traveling Kelln.          I smoked

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Posted on November 24, 2015

Hope is…. an optimisitic outlook. buying a show animal 10 months before the target show. Christmas morning. Batman. having children. sitting, waiting on somebody to finish the prayer so you can cut into Thanksgiving dinner. sometimes futile waiting on an Okie State football national championship. putting in CIDRs, giving shots, changing CIDRs, giving more shots and turning the buck in with the donor. watching the news for the weather. buying a new buck. breaking in

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