Thoughts from Kelln

Small Victories

Posted on October 26, 2016

Made it home from the State FFA Opening Ceremonies contest.  No, we didn’t win.  But I’m not mad.  Not happy, but not mad, either.  These 6 sophomore kids were not a match set.  One girl really wanted to participate in this event. (She made the whole deal happen).  One boy didn’t have a choice (Duke).  One boy said he would do it as long as he didn’t miss football practice (he did and he did).

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Donkey Kicked!!

Posted on October 24, 2016

Yes, I have been away from the keyboard for several days.  Yes, I have had way TOO many irons in the fire lately, but I can see the end in a week or two.  Yes, we made it home from KC. My parents, yes my Mom and my Dad, took a set of Shattuck FFA officers to Indianapolis to the National FFA Convention this past week.  These girls went to pick up a little chapter

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Posted on October 19, 2016

Online pig auctions make my head hurt.  Cattle sales are almost as bad.  You better be prepared for HOURS of extended bidding time.  EVEN the big name breeders–almost no bidding until closing time, then let’s sit around and submit bid here and there.  Hunt and peck.  Bid here, outbid there, move and bid there, OWWWW–damn!  I would say that they are a waste of time, until I realized that I just bid on a wicked

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Posted on October 17, 2016

Today, October 17, 2016, just might be the nastiest day of weather that we have seen in this part of the world all year.  To start with, we are extremely dry.  When you go months without rain, and when it has rained in the past 4 months, we were measuring it by the hundreth, it tends to get dry.  Then throw in the wind. Today, it is the last half of October.  It was 99

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Wore Out

Posted on October 16, 2016

2 pickups that need an oil change.  2 drivers that need some rest.  One goat sale weekend that is OVER!! YES!!!   Thanks to all that helped this weekend.  Duke worked like a champ.  Parli and Hayden are always great.  Julie takes care of business.  Huge Thanks to Jason Spence and Glen Martin for their help! Duke keeps bringing up 801 Chophouse in KC.  For some reason, he thinks that Schoovy is buying.  For some

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Banners & Backdrops

Posted on October 14, 2016

It is time for the first ever Fall edition of the Banners & Backdrops sale in Perry, OK.  There is going to be several wethers and a few elite doe kids.  This will be the last opportunity to find a wether or doe kid for the spring show season.  There is also going to be several young bred does that are intriguing.  It should be a quality set of goats.  

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Just Stuff

Posted on October 12, 2016

As the 2016 goat selling year comes to an end with the Banners & Backdrops sale this Saturday, I realize that I haven’t sold many wethers this year (less than 15 that were born here).  But, I didn’t kid out very many does, had a high percentage of doe kids (again) and then this fact crosses my mind as I am filling feeders (again) for buck prospects.  I have left the brains in several head

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Better Mood

Posted on October 11, 2016

I hope that not too many of you fine people watched that debate crap the other night.  This election can put a person in a pretty sour mood about our future.  There is a bad candidate and than an even worse candidate.  Hideous. But, it really isn’t all that bad.  Monday brought a busy day at school.  I’ve been gone to the fairs, the softball team has been gone to the state tournament, so it

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Every Saturday is Busy

Posted on October 08, 2016

The kids have a booth at the Red Barn Craft Show in Shattuck on this fine Saturday.  We’ll sell some of their creations and take orders for more.  Signs, benches, horseshoe art, disc cutouts, spray paint art, etc. etc.   There might even be some decorative gourds and fresh eggs available.   Then, it is back to Tulsa.  Finish on Sunday.  

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Happy Thoughts

Posted on October 07, 2016

First of all, the Tulsa market show is over.  I am happy.  One, because I only have to go back to Tulsa one more time.  Two, I ate at Tally’s two times this week.  I would bet that I hit breakfast there on Sunday AM.  I am really happy with Lexi Vanderwork and her showmanship skills.  Without a doubt, I would take her and give you the field as to who the BEST wether showman

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