Thoughts from Kelln

Things that make you go….

Posted on June 21, 2017

What in the Hell? I’ve got several. Why does the internet goat buyer worry more about delivery than what the animal actually looks like? Newer gas can spouts—I spill more fuel with these “safety” spouts than I ever did with the old style.  These “federally regulated” safety spouts ain’t worth 2 squirts of owl crap.  Whoever designed these things probably had a barely passing grade in engineering but had connections to somebody in a high

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Big Week

Posted on June 19, 2017

This is the biggest week in the OK show goat industry.  3 big sales on Saturday plus a whole crap-load of online sales this week. I’m a little road weary but it will be okay.  Not all of the traveling has involved goats.  There has been some FFA stuff, a sheep or two, a cattle deal, maybe a goat, a buck or two delivered and then a trip to the airport to pick up the

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Posted on June 15, 2017

How do I spell misery?   It only takes 3 letters—D O E.   I hate female goats.  And my hatred is getting worse.  Why oh why do they have to hurt a kid?  Yes, there is a very well bred buck kid here that is now carrying a back leg because another doe decided to plow him.  I try to keep does and kids in small groups to limit this from happening, but NOOO.

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Another Trip

Posted on June 14, 2017

I had the honor of traveling to Stillwater (which is always a good thing) to help judge the National Chapter applications for Oklahoma.  This isn’t necessarily a fun thing to do but I was glad that I did it.  Shattuck couldn’t apply this year because we were a National 3 Star Chapter last year (It’s an Oklahoma thing and it doesn’t make sense but it’s fine).  This was a two day process, so once again

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Posted on June 11, 2017

A month or so ago, I got a call asking if I could be a presenter at a show clinic. I had to check the calendar.  Ooh?!  Those dates are the same as a big goat weekend in TX.  And it is also crowding the date of a cow sale that Duke and I wanted to attend.  But, I accepted the offer.  And it was one of the best decisions that I have made in

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Posted on June 07, 2017

Supposedly these Yeti coolers are bear proof.  A bear can’t break the hinges, open the straps or crack the outer shell.  Well, I haven’t seen a bear attack a Yeti cooler.  However, I can tell you these coolers are Deere proof. I was performing some agricultural tasks such as cultivating and then running the drills to plant some summer cover crops.  I had a Yeti cooler baling wired to the frame of the front of

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Puff of Smoke

Posted on June 05, 2017

I’ve never been much of a smoker, but I grew up around a bunch of smokers.  Dad smoked, then quit, then chewed, then smoked, then quit, then quit again and probably would still like to light one up.  My aunt and my grannie could roll through several packs of cigarettes.  Now, when I walk down the halls of Shattuck High, I can distinctly remember the smell of a cherry pipe smoke from Mr. Bush’s (Busellato)

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Some things

Posted on June 02, 2017

Some things will make you want to throat punch an anaconda.  To start with, I share this house with a 16 year old Kelln male.  I know that I was an easy kid to raise.  But I am gaining an appreciation for what my parents dealt with while raising the other two brothers. Some things, such as weaning cows and calves, will cause some grief.  Especially, if those cows and calves belong to that 16

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Posted on May 31, 2017

I found summer last Saturday.  It was a 104 degrees near Guthrie, TX.  I’m not ready for that heat.  Sunday was not a fun day here.  Started the day assessing hail damage.  Then realized that the diesel tank was leaking.  Good thing I had the CooP fill those tanks earlier in the week.  Duke got to catch several buckets (clean white buckets from NE OK) of farm diesel while I went and stole a fuel

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Hail No!

Posted on May 29, 2017

I would like to tell you that I meant to type Hell No, but I would be wrong.  Saturday night brought some wicked stuff.  Big hail!  Luckily we were on the very south side of this storm.  The town of Fargo was a direct hit.  Our friend Jay Bogdahn took a head on collision with softball size hail.  He will be getting new windows on the west side of his house. Earlier this week, I

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