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Good News

Posted on August 23, 2018
I got a phone call from my buddy Schoovy.  Best that I have heard him sound in a while.  Although, there is still some road to travel, things are looking up for Mama Schoovy.  Power of prayer and positivity.  Keep it up. He was bragging on family and friends.  Very upbeat.  I like it.  He has also had time to study some online sales.  SCARY! I thoroughly enjoy showing a grand animal.  Always have, always


Posted on August 22, 2018
And additives are included in this topic. Regardless of species, I have long subscribed to a very simple doctrine of livestock feeding. “It isn’t what you feed but how you feed it.”   Fresh water, timely feedings, proper management and quality feed stuffs.  And yes, in that order. 1–If they don’t have a good drink, the chemical reactions can’t occur. 2–If their gut and/or metabolism gets thrown out of whack–things aren’t smooth. 3–Keep an animal

Still Going!

Posted on August 21, 2018
Like the energizer bunny, this dead goat is still going–  Rumour Has It.  He’s been dead over two years now.  But those genetics are still going. At the recently concluded Iowa State Fair, the grand 4-H doe was raised and shown by Goretska’s.  This doe was sired by Truth Be Told.  This is the first kid crop out of this Rumour son that they bought from us in our ’17 online buck sale. The grand

I like that story

Posted on August 20, 2018
No, I didn’t get my part.  Yes, it is supposed to be here on Monday afternoon.  YOU DANG SKIPPY that I got my donuts.  I bought a dozen fresh Daylight donuts.  I ate one.  Let some seniors eat some of them.  Then we had a bit of economics lesson on the last three.  It is called supply and demand.  I sold the first one for $3.  Then the next two brought a dollar each.  I

2 minutes

Posted on August 17, 2018
It is amazing how 2 minutes….and a wrong decision….can change your day or for that matter, week.  Nothing really bad happened but 2 minutes could make a difference.  I know of numerous times that I wish that I would have walked into the kidding barn 2 minutes earlier. This afternoon, we had a big project that involved using the plasma cam.  On the first run, it cut like crap.  I checked settings, connections, torch and

It Happens

Posted on August 15, 2018
What happens?  It.  And it also rhymes with…. Mama always said, “If you ain’t got nothing good to say than don’t say nothing.”  My mom didn’t say that as she does not nor has she ever talked like that. But, there are a lot of times that she told me to shut my mouth.  And I probably should have listened.  But I didn’t.  Now, is not one of those times.  I really don’t have much

Sale Barn

Posted on August 13, 2018
Sometimes, it feels better to haul a couple of turds off as opposed to selling some high dollar goats.  Piece of mind is worth a lot.  So, I finally found time when a sale barn is open to haul some crapper goats from my house and several others. Last week, a middle school kid hit me up, and said, “Mr. Kelln, I need to sell Bodie and Utah.”  Good, it’s about time was my thoughts.


Posted on August 9, 2018
In America, one of the the most often used acronyms is a four letter unit known as ESPN.   Yes, the sports conglomerate that dominates all things sports.  Some of their stuff is awesome, namely the 30for30 spots that they have done. I am of the age that remembers ESPN when it got started.  It was the first time that I watched Australian Rules Football, rugby, poker and arena football.  They also had the friday


Posted on August 7, 2018
I’m a bit stand-off-ish and can seem like an ass.  Fine by me.  I have many acquaintances but only a few that I consider true friends.  I’m talking about people that will help others before they worry about themselves.  The stock show world has led my family to become friends with a family that fits this bill.  And when I say a stock show family, I am talking about one of the very best stock

-igan and dang disconcerting

Posted on August 6, 2018
I’ve been several thousand miles the past couple of weeks, chasing several species of animals.  But I have noticed that the two comedians that make me belly laugh, every time that I hear them, both end in  -igan.  That would be Jim Gaffigan and Kathleen Madigan.  Those two humans can bring some funny to the xm radio.  They both have a bit of Irish and I would bet a bit of Catholic. (a LOT)  

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