Thoughts from Kelln

Good Day!

Posted on September 15, 2017

On Wednesday after school, I made a quick trip to OKC to drop off state fair entries.  Plant displays, horticulture entries, ag mechanics projects, FFA news boards and photography entries.  They had to be there by 7 pm.  I was done unloading about 6:45 pm.  I then grabbed a burger and headed home. Today, I left Shattuck at 6 am in one suburban while Daryle Greer drove another suburban headed back to OKC for the

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Posted on September 13, 2017

There has been a leaning windmill tower on our place since 2013.  Somebody (not me) hit it with a plow that summer.  It has been leaning a bit more every year.  Duke and I were going to set an anchor and hold it into place but we didn’t get around to it.  Just never was that big of a priority.  Now, it has been taken down.  We no longer have the leaning tower. Only about

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Posted on September 10, 2017

We just got done with the Ellis County Fair.  As usual, I had too many irons in the fire.  But when you have help like I had, it’s all good.  The Shattuck FFA/ Ag Boosters decided to take over the concession stands at the fair.  We were not sure what we were getting into but it all works when you have the proper people.  Tiffany Schultz and myself ran it on Friday.  But, my mom,

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Posted on September 08, 2017

It doesn’t matter where you live or what you are doing, there are different classes of people.  This isn’t meant to bash anybody and it dang sure isn’t a racism topic.  It is just an observation that irregardless of where you live or what you are doing there are differences of people.  And these differences are consistent. FOR example– fund raisers.  This is NOT aimed at anybody.  But I am right.  And if the shoe

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Posted on September 06, 2017

We had a heckuva work crew that managed the behind the scenes at the sale.  Duke and Lexi stayed in the sale ring and setup most of the 46 head of goats.  Lots of others kept the goats coming to the sale ring and then stayed to help get the right goats to their new owners.  GREAT HELP!!  Every sale has people helping behind the scenes.  And every sale needs buyers in all price ranges.

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Labor Day Weekend

Posted on September 05, 2017

It was a busy weekend.  Goats sheared, calves born, goats born, wheat drilled, sale setup and lots of crustaceans were cooked here–all before Sunday night.  We did boil up a pile of shrimp and crawdads.  They all got eaten–along with the goat bologna, brisket, red beans and rice, etc.  We were actually all well behaved. Oh, we also had a sale.  It went fine.  Some good goats found their way into the hands of good

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Best of the West

Posted on September 03, 2017

There is going to be a really good set of wethers.  Grand at OYE or Houston–maybe, maybe not.  Premium sale wethers and top 5 in their class type wethers—YES!!  There won’t be but maybe 10 doe kids but there are going to be some really good doe kids.  Tyke is parting with a 3 Amigo/Dirt doe that is good–slick shear good.  What do I think that the top end will bring?  Don’t know, don’t care.

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Back to that mouse trap

Posted on August 31, 2017

So, I tell the Dragon Lady that I trapped her nemesis.  I also told her the locations of my strategically placed final resting places for unwanted rodents.  When I got home this evening (6ish), she informed me that she had ran the lines, checked traps and there were no more dead mice. Fast forward to 9 pm.  I’m in the kitchen, she is walking through the office towards the back porch. I ask, “Were there

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Posted on August 30, 2017

Think of the things that give you a satisfying feeling.  A job well done.  Mission accomplished.  Winning.   Helping others.  Reaching goals.  Building something cool or cooking a wicked good meal.  All of these give you a warm funny feeling. However, it is an exhilarating feeling to set a mouse trap of an evening and then have a victim in it the next morning.  Really, it is a scarily satisfying feeling to know that you

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Posted on August 29, 2017

First and foremost, all of us should be sending prayers to those in south Texas.  Dang, dude, that is a pile of rain that Harvey is dumping down there and it looks like more is coming.  Yes, there is a lot of people that live along the gulf coast of Texas.  Millions!  But there is also a lot of cows down there.  Some of the biggest cow populated counties in Texas (which just so happens

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