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Big Day!

Posted on May 7, 2019
I went to my job for a bit this morning.  Made it to the weekly teacher’s meeting.  Kind of a big accomplishment since the weather has jacked up the Shattuck school calendar for the last week or two.  Why?  Well…between softball and baseball state tourneys and tri-state music and state FFA convention and state track and….I’m not sure about the complete educational journey of any kid in Shattuck but the extra-curricular activities is second to

Stupid Grins

Posted on May 6, 2019
It is that time of year.  Baccalaureate sessions and graduations.  Lots of people will have stupid grins on their faces as others make them stand still for pictures.  Kids, parents, grandparents….anybody tied to a graduate. I got in from the kidding barn and I kind of had a stupid grin on my face.  I actually did some physical labor this weekend and cleaned pens.  And I like watching some of these kids.  As a huge

Gladness & Sadness

Posted on May 3, 2019
I’m Back!!!  I apologize to those that have clicked to here looking for something.  But I have had way too many irons in the proverbial fire.  Something had to give and guess what…this blog was it. I have a lot of gladness that the State FFA convention is done.  YESSS!!!!!    I’m glad to be done with CDE contests, proficiency awards, speech contests, star interviews, scholarship apps, entry deadlines & on & on & on.

I do not know

Posted on April 29, 2019
Where to begin…..there is so much about the goat industry that I do not understand  (maybe: that should have been spelled knot?) Yes, that would make more sense.   For what I know about the current goat business….it is all KNOTTED up like two dogs in the front yard.  Yep–they are happy.  Yes, somebody is going to have to get a water hose to spray them.   Yes, some parties will be glad–not happy.  

kuhl enuff 4 me

Posted on April 25, 2019
March 7.  That was the last time that I had a hair cut.  I’m not a prideful person when it comes to my hair.  I still have it.  It is getting grayer and grayer.  I have more than my YOUNGER brothers which is further proof that I am genetically superior.  I needed a haircut as it was getting so thick that a cap didn’t fit properly. So, I went to get my haircut this afternoon.

Colors and stuff

Posted on April 23, 2019
Colors are important in the day2day life of most people.  I like orange and black.  It doesn’t make me buy more of something but I do like the colors. I also like green.  Actually, I really like the green color of 100 dollar bills.  I also like green grass, green tractors and such.  There is a reason that John Deere stuff is worth more. I like the colors pink, black, blue and OH, I really


Posted on April 20, 2019
One only has to deal with either of my offspring to realize that being hard-bearded, driven, draw a line in the dirt, goal oriented issues–is a genetic trait.  I will take the blame for this.  Is this a Kelln trait or derived from the Schneider side?  How about double-bred on the sire side.  Now, throw in some genetics from the maternal side.  What do you get?  Two damn great kids if you ask the Dragon

Remind Me

Posted on April 18, 2019
It is getting late on this evening that was filled with tornados.  Nothing serious, but my parents sent cell phone pics of 2 funnels in the same picture.  Luckily, nobody was hurt. I got home from a speech contest and headed to the kidding barn.  I enjoyed a break from kidding this winter, but I am kind of glad that there are babies on the place.   I poured feed in pans, put hay with


Posted on April 16, 2019
Is there a correction in the marketplace?  Personally, I think that we had already seen the correction and my buck sale is proof.  Wait?  What?  When? Look at the wether sales the past year and this current year.  There has been quite a high percentage of wethers selling for $7,500 and up.  And then there is a bunch at the $2,000 and down.  There is not many selling for 2-7K.  There is a STRONG market


Posted on April 15, 2019
The word BLOG is a four letter word and should be dealt with as such.  At times, this deal is a pain in the donkey.  Other times, it is flat fun to sit down here and dispense info.  And then there are those times that I have dang sure caused some issues for the words that I put on here. Over the years, I have received phone calls, texts and emails regarding info on this

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