Thoughts from Kelln


Posted on October 16, 2018

I got smoked Saturday night.  No, not like that.  I literally got smoked.  How?  Well, I’ll tell you.  I went to the pig sale in Woodward.  Ate the awesome breakfast.  Then I stopped at another farm sale.  Then I headed back to Shattuck to the Holt family pig bid off.  And that is where I got smoked. The wanted to grill pork burgers and brats.  The weather was hit and miss.  It was getting colder

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Getting older

Posted on October 11, 2018

Uncle Jim came back out tonight.  He wanted to check the water around the place.  And get a free supper.  And it was his 79th birthday.  He’s trying to act like he’s getting old but his mind is still whirring and way ahead of most if not all.  If I was smart, I would start writing a book about this guy and his life experiences.  He is actually a true renaissance man.  Jet fighter pilot

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Little Bit Wet

Posted on October 10, 2018

We are temporarily changing the name of Fargo to Lottawater.  It started raining here last Friday night.  Then continued Saturday, then Sunday, then all day Monday and on into Tuesday.  I really don’t know how much rain that we have had.  Nobody has gauges that hold that much.  The mesonet at Woodward reads 7.85″.  We are kind of in that same red color scheme so there you go.  Basically, a shit load! I moved does

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Just rolled back home from the great Tulsa State Fair.  I am thrilled to have these trailer loads of ag mechanics stuff back to Shattuck.  Hats off to these kids that built the stuff but a HUGE tip of the cap to Brian & AJ Carter and Duke.  These boys can flat load some equipment and strap it down ready to haul.  They even know how to tie the loose ends of the ratchet straps

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Posted on October 06, 2018

I’ve known a few.  Myself, no  Couldn’t be one but I can tell a story or three.  I love listening to a good comedian and I hate listening to one that really isn’t funny.  And in the goat business, you better have a sense of humor.  I do know of a goat person that could take that show on the road.  But, he won’t. While on the road, I use the XM radio to listen

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Tulsa? Oh really

Posted on October 04, 2018

I wasn’t even sure if I was going to go to the Tulsa Livestock Show.  Why?  In Shattuck, America, we have plenty going on for a very small school.  The football team is ranked #1 and are the defending state champs.  The softball team is the 3 time defending state champs and they are playing in the state tournament this week.  The choir just had a whole bunch of kids qualify for honor choir.  The

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Smell Test

Posted on September 28, 2018

No doubt, absolutely no doubt that I will gladly give you a political opinion.  I vote every chance that I get.  I would like to think that I can stay in the middle but I can’t.  I can tell you that I respect most things that the Trumpster is doing, but I do wish that he would stay off twitter and just shut the hell up.  I do like what he is trying to do

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Posted on September 27, 2018

Why?  Here’s why.   So, while traveling the major blacktop arteries of the state of Oklahoma during the past couple of weeks while hauling projects to the state fairs, I have had several unique conversations with students. Now, these are ag mech-er students.  Great, great kids but we probably aren’t going to win beauty contests, speech contests, best dressed titles or valedictorian awards.  But, I won’t trade these kids for all the gold in California.

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The Worst

Posted on September 25, 2018

It has to be the worst.  I cannot imagine a worse stretch of highway.  There is not a worse major highway that I know of…ANYWHERE!  This title has to belong to the Cimarron Turnpike.  And we get to PAY to drive on this POS.  It will knock the fillings right out of your teeth.  I would hate to be an animal riding in a trailer to the Tulsa State Fair while bouncing down this stretch

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Yes, I just did that.

Posted on September 21, 2018

I had zero intentions of writing on this worthwhile blog on this evening.   I got home late, was watching a pen of young bucks act like young bucks (gross), checked cows and made sure feeders were full.  I was starving.  I mean hungry enough to eat….well, something about the south end of a north bound skunk during that time of the month.  Just wrong. Speaking of just wrong, I got inside the house to

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