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One Word

Posted on October 08, 2020

And that word is “Perspective”. I was at the Tulsa State Fair as an ag teacher.  Not as a jock or breeder.  My priority was Shattuck kids showing sheep.  We had a good Tulsa Fair.  The parents and kids worked together great and had fun.  I had time to go to Tally’s Cafe for a breakfast or two.  I had a great time meeting back up with Mr. Pullan and Mr. Bradshaw to go to

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Posted on October 07, 2020

Where to start? 2020 continues to suck.  Arguably the greatest guitar artist of all-time passed away.  RIP Eddie Van Halen.  I can argue that the album “1984” is the best rock album of all-time.  It isn’t my personal favorite but the songs were wicked and the album cover is off-the-hook.  I saw Van Halen in concert back in 1991.  It was the best set of solos that I have ever witnessed.  Alex Van Halen on

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Fine…Not Fine

Posted on October 06, 2020

Yes, I’m fine.  One of the boys is back home.  He will be in a wheelchair for a bit.  The other boy is out of the hospital and in a rehab unit.  Over a 100 stitches, on that one cut.  But, dang it.  It looks good for both of them.  That’s all that I want. Mentally, I’m fine.  And night’s like tonight are why I’m fine.  Tammy and I talked about what other families have

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With a capitol FFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on October 02, 2020

I don’t know where to start.  This may be the most important blog that I have ever written.  I need to write this for myself and others.  And I am not trying to one-up anybody else’s shitty 2020.  But the punches just keep coming.  But, as long as we can keep walking away and towards a better year, I guess it will be okay. Here we go again……different story, new emotions. This afternoon, I left

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Then vs. Now

Posted on September 30, 2020

It is no secret that I am a fan of the all time great movie “Blazing Saddles”.  And there have been plenty of comments of how that movie could not be made today since it absolutely offends everybody.  Personally, I think society ought to sit down together, eat some popcorn and laugh as you realize how everybody comes together and works to save Rock Ridge. Another show that wasn’t afraid to tackle racial stereotypes and

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Posted on September 28, 2020

I mentioned tamales last week.  Oh, they were soooo good!   A student’s mother brought fresh pork tamales and jalapeño & cheese tamales and refried beans and salsa.  Another student’s mom made the best rice that I have ever had along with a salsa that packed some eat.  This started as a food science discussion in a class full of seniors. I ate all of this on Friday morning at 9:30 am.  I about foundered.

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Real but not quite right

Posted on September 25, 2020

I constantly get asked, “Where do you come up with this stuff?” I don’t look for it.  The only problem I have is editing this deal.  It is hard to put the real deals on here. You see, I learned years ago, that there are students, kids, moms, etc. that read this deal.  And as such, I have tried to keep it clean.  That part is a struggle.  The problem is REAL. To preface this

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Posted on September 24, 2020

With the open seat on the supreme court, there is a lot of clamoring over who & when the next justice should be appointed.  It is clear cut, the currently seated POTUS is in charge of selecting the next justice.  There is no reason to wait till after the election.  This should not even be a point of discussion, except for the self-serving side always looking for a way to twist policies to meet their

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2020 bullshit!

Posted on September 23, 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 has been rough.  Bend over and assume the position.  And no lube.  Yet, we still have a 1/4 of the year left.  Duke’s 2020 has been worse than most.  Yet, he is still plugging away.  One of these days, I will write his full version of 2020.  This kid has been known to piss me smooth off, yet his resilience is proving to be at an all-time level. Over

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Posted on September 21, 2020

There are so many things to write about.  I could write about a crappy weekend that had some highlights but some real lowlights.  Duke went to the Okie State game.  He allowed that they looked as bad in real life as what they looked like on tv.  While in Stillwater, Duke got to see several of his friends, including our favorite OSU cheerleader–Lexi Vanderwork. I could dispense some worthless info about items like Brown Sugar

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