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Just Stuff

Posted on January 14, 2019

I hadn’t burned any horns since July.  This Sunday, I loaded up the box and the burners and went to help a family with their goat projects.  The smell of burning horns is a smell that I just can’t get used to.  I wish that somebody could raise a bad ass polled buck.  That would be a game changer. Friday night, I was flipping channels when I realized that the great move Road House was

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Real Stuff

Posted on January 11, 2019

Before Christmas break, Mrs. Abbey and I completed a semester that involved teaching a class of 30+ 8th graders.  Very few farm kids but a great group of kids.  Their semester test was a team event.  We split them up into teams of 5 and each team member had to say a paragraph of the FFA creed.  This was an effort to develop public speakers and to prepare them for saying the FFA creed as

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Always somebody better

Posted on January 09, 2019

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, there is always somebody coming along that will be better.  It is amazing to me how some people have stayed relevant (towards the top of a given species of livestock shows) for 10 to 20 years.  Breeders, ag teachers, jocks, show families, etc.  Trends change, judges change, styles change.  It is tough to get to the top and even tougher to stay on top.  Athletics are the same.

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Proud moments

Posted on January 07, 2019

Second post n the same day.  You bet. If you think this is some drivel about a proud Dad moment, then you would be wrong.  You don’t understand the hurdle that I just crossed.  Tammy cooked chicken fried steaks, mashed taters and corn.  Wicked, wicked good eating!  But, she also baked up some croissants.  Why?  I do not know.  But I had to eat one and it had to have honey on it.  So, here

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Posted on January 06, 2019

I do like to eat.  Especially at places that I don’t get to go to very often.  We hit our annual stops at several restaurants in the Phoenix area. La Piñata–consistently very good Mexican food. My Mothers–turkey pot pie, fresh bread, way full when done. Pappadeaux’s–I think all of the stock show was at Pappadeaux’s on Sunday evening. The Duce–brisket sliders and cold beverages.  We watched the Notre Dame game while there.  That didn’t go

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Part 2

Posted on January 03, 2019

The goat show at Phoenix was good, really good.  The top 3 or 4 in about every class were excellent goats.  I had never seen this judge line up a show but I would like to show to him again.  Consistent.  When he got to class 9, that was the point when he could define exactly what type of goat was his type.  Class 9 was very tough.  There were at least 5 wethers in

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Posted on January 02, 2019

As I start to type this, I realize that I have a typo in the title.  People, that key was stuck.  A week of inactivity combined with honey will do this to a mac keyboard. Anyways, we have made it back to paradise from Phoenix.  Excellent trip, wicked drive home.  I’ve got lots of thoughts to write about:  eating, well behaved, quality of the show, people, traveling and a whole bunch of other stuff. Just

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Posted on December 26, 2018

The food and snacks has been really good the past few days.  Too good.  I’m pretty sure that I am fatter. I promise you that I have does fatter than I normally do.  And they are a bunch of welfare acting morons.  They constantly have a round bale of cover crop mix (cowpeas, teff grass, german millet, hay grazer, collard greens, okra, crabgrass)  Very good hay.  I also feed them a 14% protein pellet every

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Posted on December 24, 2018

Saturday was the Dragon Lady’s birthday.  She went to OKC to do some shopping and pick Kela up at the airport.  She was supposed to land at 2:30 pm.  But plans changed.  American Airlines had overbooked and Kela got bumped.  The next flight was to land at OKC after midnight and she was not guaranteed a seat on that flight. So, she turned down their free flights (RUSM? Do you really think that I am

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Posted on December 22, 2018

First day of Christmas break!  Nope.  We had school till noon.  Then I met up with a herd of kids and worked sheep and goats.  Kelly clipped wether goats, 13 toothed sheep, wormed and trimmed hooves on all.  Scales are free, so let’s catch a weight on all. Then home to do chores, then back to Shattuck to make wurst.  Three generations working together.  The beef was wicked high quality, the pork was scary good

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