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Posted on December 23, 2017

Got the favorite daughter home. Dragon Lady is in a good mood. Duke feels tall. I am happy and old. Yes, I am aware that some of you are actually older. BUT……I am a high mileage unit without regular oil changes or tune ups. Uncle Eddy–I got lots of texts and messages regarding the lists of best Christmas and BFM movies.  Which these texts brought new questions.  Is is it UNCLE or COUSIN Eddy?  Is

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Christmas Movies

Posted on December 18, 2017

One of my favorites was on tonight–SCROOGED!  I love it.  Yes, Bill Murray is one of my favorite actors.    But I enjoy the whole take on a classic Christmas story.  Throw in Robert Mitchum kicking a cat, stapling antlers to a mouse’s head along with Bobcat Goldthwait and you have yourself a classic!  Plus, there are at least two of his actual brothers in this movie. Top Christmas movies– 5–Home Alone 4–Elf 3–Scrooged 2–A

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Posted on December 15, 2017

For years, I’ve had a title for my first music album–Bagpipes, Banjos and Harmonicas.  Of course, the music on said album would utilize all three instruments in a rock and/or country genre.  There is only one limiting factor–I have never tried to play the pipes or strum a banjo and I only know how to play one song on the harmonica.  And that came about from me buying a harmonica in a Cracker Barrel back

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Posted on December 12, 2017

SInce last Friday night, we have been having problems with the mac computer. Lots of pop ups, ads and problems. I called an apple # tonight to try to get this crap fixed. It was a good call. Now, I am real sure that the dude helping and myself were not born on the same continent. He said that he was in Delaware and that it was snowing. His name was Harry. I am also

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Posted on December 09, 2017

Congratulations to another Shattuck Indian state championship team.  The football boys won Shattuck’s 10th state football championship.  Throw in the Shattuck Lady Indians softball state championship in fast-pitch softball this fall and they are having a gold ball kind of year.  Oh and those Lady Indians also won slow-pitch back in May 2017.  Shattuck already has earned 3 gold balls in 2017. The scary part is that the basketball teams are dang competitive, baseball came

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Best Phrases

Posted on December 08, 2017

You can sit and think of the best phrases that you have ever heard.  The best should be “I love you.”  Or “Amen.”  And how about “Thank Goodness”.  All of these are wicked good and normally put somebody in a good mood.  BUT…. But, if you live in NW OK, one of the best phrases that you will here is “At least there isn’t any wind with it.”   Which means, “Yeah, sure!  It was

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Posted on December 06, 2017

Well, those does that we pulled cidrs on yesterday morning were hot tonight.  You can even add another that I thought was bred.  She was hot to trot tonight. There is a pot pie cooling off for me to eat tonight.  We are counting down the weeks till I can order my favorite turkey pot pie in some major city out west.  Not looking forward to the drive and I didn’t like having to pay

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Posted on December 05, 2017

I, like a lot of people, have watched some of this college football playoff selection crap.  I have no issues with Clemson, ou or Georgia.  I do NOT think that Ohio State or USC have a claim.  They lost too many games and some of them ugly. My problem, is why not Wisconsin?  I’m not a fan of theirs or their schedule.  But they only lost one game, in a conference championship game and they

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Posted on December 01, 2017

Uncle Jeffy Spake came by to wish Duke happy 17th birthday.  He even helped blow out candles.  But, this is November 30 and Duke’s birthday isn’t till the 1st.   They talked about some Fire Rocket chickens.  It took me a bit to clue in.  I think Uncle Spake had some ulterior motives. Speaking of stories, had a gentleman here dropping off does to get bred.  He asked Duke about welding projects. Then he had

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Posted on November 30, 2017

I have a few.  And dang neart everyone of them are real, from real life experiences.  Some of them are just too good to be true.  You just can’t make some stuff up. Tammy and I recently had a family friend pass away from cancer.  He wasn’t young, his family was prepared and  the end came fairly quick.  I’m not going to use names but there will be those who know who I am writing

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