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Smells like….

Posted on January 31, 2013

  a genius or just a dang publicist.        I watched the bcs championship game with the Dragon Lady.  I was hoping Notre Dame had a chance, but I was wrong.  When Brent Musburger went all nuts over the Alabama QB’s girlfriend, I had two, okay, maybe three thoughts.  1) He seems a little over-zealous  2)Yeah, she’s hot and 3)that QB’s mom looks pretty good too. I found it interesting how quickly this

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Just stuff

Posted on January 30, 2013

     Trying to train a guard dog pup.  His name is GARP–goat and ranch protection.  Also, I like the old school Robin Williams movie “The World According to Garp”.  Go find that movie at the rental store.  I’ve got it on VHS if you want to borrow it.  We had his brains cut out, I mean, we had him neutered.  I didn’t want him chasing female coyotes or trying to romance Sasha.  GOD never

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Posted on January 28, 2013

     I was checking animals with the gator this evening.  The spotlight was on.  I was possibly guilty of shining the spotlight towards the blacktop a 1/2 mile to the west.  There may or may not have been a moving vehicle.  I also may or may not have shined it to the south looking for eye-shine from a coyote.  There may have been a moving vehicle headed west on the blacktop a 1/2 mile

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Gran Torino

Posted on January 27, 2013

     I’ve been told that I would really like this movie. I didn’t argue as Clint Eastwood is in it.  There would be a really good chance that I would really like it, or at least like it.  I finally watched it tonight.  It’s still an ugly car, but that is a dang good movie.  I love the acting, the story line, the ending, and all of the crap in between that makes a

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Posted on January 25, 2013

     I still have Joe Dirt turned out with a set of does.  I have another set penned up next to Rumour Has It just in case one of them re-cycles.  I happened to look at a calendar and think to myself that we would be getting pretty close to having July babies at this point.  I have had fairly good luck with July babies in the past, but the last two years have

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Other websites

Posted on January 23, 2013

     It is amazing what kind of stuff that you can find on the internet.  I have actually been researching a topic or two and needed a break from thinking.  Why not check out some other goat websites.  This was interesting?, informational and somewhat depressing.  1–I do a piss poor job of updating winner photos.  2–I get sick of looking at county winners on other websites.  3– It is obvious that sellling semen and

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Posted on January 22, 2013

     I can go off on the incomeptency of our government.  It is well documented on here that I am not a fan of your president.  I also don’t trust the government–their intentions, their thoughts, their actions, their knowledge, their common sense.  They DO NOT know what is best for you or me.  However, I enjoy studying history.  I don’t waste much time on sleep, so I watch a lot of history channel shows,

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Posted on January 21, 2013

     It doesn’t matter what species that you show, or if you are talking sports or any other competitive event, dedication to getting better is what makes a winner. I’ve heard lots of different excuses over the years, but the ones that win don’t have an excuse as to why they didn’t do something, they have a reason as to why they are going to do it.      Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday

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Posted on January 20, 2013

Everything in life has different levels.  Athletics has pee wee, high school, college and professionals.  Sometimes there are levels within levels–ncaa d.1 & d2, for example. There are different levels of hot–1.  habenero peppers  2. freshly welded metal & 3. Eischen’s fried chicken when they first bring it to the table and for the next 30 minutes before it finally cools off enough so that you don’t burn your fingerprints off of your fingers. Different

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Goat Piss

Posted on January 17, 2013

The urine of a goat can change the color of hair extremely quick and permanently.  Some does squat so much that they pee on their back legs.  Bucks of course piss all over the place, all the time.  Wethers, on the other hand, only pee on themselves when somebody puts a blanket on wrong.  This is why I DO NOT use those tube socks.  They only have a small pee hole and it gets shifted

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