Thoughts from Kelln

Best of the West

Posted on September 04, 2012

     The Best of the West sale was yesterday.  This was an outstanding set of wethers.  The best set of wethers sold in Oklahoma this year.  All six breeders brought quality.  The good ones brought good money, $3-6K.  There were some bargains.  There will be premium sale wethers from this sale.      We had a very good crowd and the facilities at Woodward are very good.  We had lots of help running the sale.     

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Posted on September 01, 2012

     Let me have a whole swarm of wasps, cause this poison oak is BRUTAL!!  I’ve had it before and it was more widespread than this time, but this stuff isn’t fun.  If you haven’t had it, feel blessed.  It isn’t the same as poison ivy.  This is way worse.  I’m past the itching part, now its the oozing blisters.  And you can’t let the ooze touch anything else or it spreads.  It affects your

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Posted on August 31, 2012

     Another Friday is here.  I am dragging ass but it will be okay.  I can’t seem to get everything done, but one of these days, I will finally be caught up.  After dark last night, I decided to climb on the tractor and start working some ground.  We actually have good soil moisture.  I didn’t get many acres covered, but it is a start.       I am looking forward to this weekend.  This will

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Fence from Hell

Posted on August 30, 2012

     I have cut down cedar trees, hackberry trees and dead trees out of the fenceline in order to build the fence around the new Kelln Kompound.  I have been bit by wasps and several occasions during this ordeal.  Now, I am fighting a bout of poison oak that came from putting up electric fence.  I’m not allergic to many things, but this fence project is about to cover them all.  Wasp bites & poison

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Posted on August 29, 2012

     I’ve got plenty of them.  I can’t stand to turn the news on right now because I don’t care about a hurricane heading towards New Orleans.  If they were stupid enough to stay after Katrina, then that is their problem.  That isn’t news.  I don’t wish anyone harm or loss of property, but Come on!.       Between an upcoming presidential “election”, a hurricane and a horrible drought, I don’t really want to watch the morning

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Tuesday morning

Posted on August 28, 2012

     We actually got a rain this past weekend.  Got an 1 1/2″ of rain early Saturday morning.  Good rain that soaked in.  Some places near here got over 3″ over a couple of days.  It was needed.      Had lots of traffic looking at goats this past weekend.  This was good and bad.  Good because I like showing goats and bad because I’ve still got plenty to do around the ranch.     I was

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Posted on August 24, 2012

     How is it that our TV stations, with all of the newest, latest, greatest technology, can show a radar map of a rain storm in yellow and red colors all over the screen sitting above the entire area where I live, the weatherman can point at this area on his map and talk about the good rain that is coming down in these areas, yet I walk outside and don’t get wet?  How does

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Thursday night

Posted on August 24, 2012

Just crawled my ass inside from building another pen. I had ran a sprinkler on this area for awhile so I could drive the posts. Duke was watching “Smokey & the Bandit II”, so I thought I better watch the end of it with him. Classic characters. I like movies like this, I don’t learn anything but I’m in a good mood at the end.

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Posted on August 21, 2012

Made it to Omaha for John Deere new product intro. I enjoy coming to this as Deere puts on a good show and we get to see all of the new models of equipment. New balers, swathers, gators and more tractor models. Cool event and I actually learn something. It is dry up here, but it is still way greener than western OK. No, I haven’t looked at any goats and I don’t have plans

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Rain, Cantaloupes and Mustard

Posted on August 19, 2012

     Got to use my windshield wipers for just a few minutes on Saturday.  We didn’t get anything but a damn sprinkle.  Just enough to clean the windshield.  However, farther east towards Cleo and Enid, they got a dang good rain.  Nowadays, rain is kind of like going to the high school prom,  even if you didn’t get any, you are glad that somebody got some.      We made it to Susan Litzenberger’s surprise 50th

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