Thoughts from Kelln

Tulsa 2012

Posted on October 06, 2012

     Made it home from the Tulsa wether show 2012 edition.  Had a successful trip although we didn’t have grand or reserve.  You won’t hear me whine about not winning if I respect the animal and/or people that beat us.  The grand wether was a cool made dude that had a lot of positives.  More imporantly the Boles family has been a mainstay on the Oklahoma goat scene from the beginning.  That family has worked

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Monday, Monday, Monday

Posted on October 01, 2012

     Made it to El Reno on Saturday.  Had a chaffeur for the trip.  Tyke got a newer set of wheels and he actually drove somewhere outside of Ellis County.  We peddled a few goats and then headed to Okarche to Eischen’s.  I don’t eat a lot of chicken, but I will eat it there.  Tyke, Nip and Tyler ate a pile of okra to go along with the chicken.  Okra is on my list

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Posted on September 28, 2012

     What to do with the handful of goats that I have at the house?  I’ve got several doe kids and I can’t keep them all.  I’m going to take 3 or 4 to the Ag Youth sale tomorrow.  I’ve got a pair of Goofy wethers that need a home.  They weren’t ready for the labor day sale.  So, I’m going to take them to the Ag Youth sale as well.  We’ll just have to

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Posted on September 27, 2012

     I got wet doing chores this morning.  Had about a half inch of rain in the gauge.  Nice, easy rain that will make this small wheat jump out of the ground and the rest of us that haven’t drilled will have enough moisture to do so.      I’ve seen a pile of goats the past few nights.  Everybody is getting dialed in for Tulsa.  A common question is “Who is going to win Tulsa?” 

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Posted on September 24, 2012

     Fall is finally here.  The thermostat may still read above 90 degrees, but officially fall is here.  This means that my summer of hell is over.  It may also mean that Fred’s summer of fun is over, but he will find another season to have fun.  He always does.  No, I’m not done with all of the projects at the new place, but with the arrival of fall, that means I will have more

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Doing Too Much

Posted on September 19, 2012

     Sometimes, a person can do too much.  Take kidney stones for example.  I watch some people that check their feed, use additives to prevent stones, add stuff to their water to dissolve stones, change water daily and they drench their wethers to prevent stones.  They get to take goats to OSU Vet Med.       Then, I see others that have algae growing in their water, never think about preventing stones, wouldn’t know until it was

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Posted on September 17, 2012

     I have had better weekends in the goat industry than this past one.  But that is another subject for another day.  Headed to Stillwater on Saturday morning.  We picked up a wether at OSU vet med hospital.  Square, the goat, had become quite popular with the staff at OSU.  He was ready to come back to Shattuck.  After we loaded him, then we headed to a few tailgate events on campus.  Then Eskimo Joe’s,

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Posted on September 13, 2012

  So, I went to Taco Mayo to get me a #3 mexicali grilled burrito with tater locos.  I said, “I would like a #3, beef, please.”  The waitress looked at me and said, “Chicken or steak?”  I shook my head, stared at the ceiling, thinking to myself, “If I said  Beef, doesn’t that mean Steak?”  I answered, “Steak”.  She printed my ticket, handed it and my cup to me.     They called my number, I

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Posted on September 12, 2012

I’m not a very artistic person. Jessica, sister-in-law, is scary creative & artistic. The Dragon Lady has her moments, like when she said “I do”. But these two women have done lots of decorating in the house. Most of which has not cost me money, which I like. All of what they have done looks good. I’ve just been whittling away at getting stuff done. Cleaned parts of the barn. Cut down the final two

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Big Weekend

Posted on September 10, 2012

     Busy weekend.  Had to take Duke to the Ellis County livestock judging contest.  Then I headed home and hauled crap out of the barn all afternoon.  Scrap metal and trash.  Big Bill had to take a wether to Stillwater.  Fighting a kidney stone that has got all the vets stumped.  We knew this was a good wether, but this calamity is proving us right.       Sunday was a busy day.  Had four sets of

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