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Posted on July 30, 2019

I have had more than my share of highlights in the goat industry.  No rankings. Just going to list some stuff that has always stuck out to me.   –Bingo.  I saw him for the first time when he was 3+ years old.  That wasn’t just a good goat.  That was good livestock.  He won everything.  His kids won.  And even though he was a purebred, those genetics were wicked enough to transpose the wether

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Posted on July 26, 2019 released their 2019 scholarship recipients.  Oooohh wow!  That is an impressive set of young people and there is one that I don’t know.  But I do forever more know that those other 5 are wicked good. Seth Hilfiker–Hadn’t heard of him before but was very impressed when I searched his name.  Congrats! Kylie Whitworth has an awesome FFA resume for any state, and Georgia (like Oklahoma) is one of the MAJOR FFA states.  I

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Why are you here?

Posted on July 24, 2019

Not some philosophical question about your existence.  Just a question that I have asked students during the past 20 years of teaching ag ed in Oklahoma. Why are you here? Hunh?! Why are you in this class? I want to learn to weld.  Or, I want to go to the shop.  Or, I want to build stuff.  All of these are very common responses.  Every ag teacher has heard these replies. During the 90s, I

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Empty Show Pens

Posted on July 23, 2019

When we got done with getting our asses handed to us at OYE, we didn’t load the wethers on the taco wagon.  We brought both goats and a pair of hair sheep home.  The two hair sheep found homes fairly quick.  Good and Cheap makes for a quick sale.  The two Willie High $ show goats were both gone to new homes by the end of April.  Moneywise, I could have done better, but I

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Vacay & Gems–right close to home

Posted on July 22, 2019

We took a bit of a vacation this week.  Tammy, Duke, myself and Duke’s half Mexican brother went on an excursion.  Duke’s half Mexican brother is Korbyn Schick.  Just a joke–I grew up with Korbyn’s parents.  He has been around our house a bunch.  His dad works at school with me.  Duke had a snap chat video at the state championship football game with–as he called it with, “his half Mexican brother”.  Korbyn was an

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Where to begin?

Posted on July 17, 2019

Tammy is officially on vacation.  I need to get in the vacation state-of-mind….however, I am not yet at that point.  It is easier to just stay home and at work than it is to leave for a few days.  I think that I will be ready in a week or so.  But that is when school starts and that is not a vacation.  s I guess President Trump made some tweets the past couple of

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Posted on July 16, 2019

We’ve all got ’em.  None of us like them.  This evening bill session was worse than normal.  Washing machine repair bill.  Pay it and be done.  Because we all know that I’m not going to wash any clothes by hand. Insurance bill for tractors, implements, drills, brush beaters, etc. –pay that dude cuz if a bad weather deal hits, that bill will seem cheap. Fertilizer and diesel bill.  I damn sure don’t like this bill

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A Pile

Posted on July 15, 2019

Made a long venture to look at some goats this weekend.  Drove about 22 miles to the south pens of 2Sweet Livestock.  James had called and said he had some ready to look at.  Jemminy!!  Doe kids everywhere.  However, there is a pile of dang good doe kids.  It shouldn’t surprise anybody because the Sweet’s have bought fleets of bad ass doe kids to show for several years.  Now, they don’t have anybody showing and

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What to type?!?!?

Posted on July 12, 2019

Judging from the texts and calls on the album cover blog, I need to do more of that kind of stuff.  I do agree that Molly Hatchet had some wicked album covers and some cool songs.  My favorite Molly Hatchet tie is with Donnie Baker.  He hadn’t seen his dad in years but they made eye contact at a Molly Hatchet concert.  But, out of respect for the music, they nodded and went on about

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Album Covers

Posted on July 08, 2019

Remember those?  The cool art work that adorned a record cover, 8 track, cassette or CD.   A week or so ago, I was farming.  Big fun.  I have a bluetooth speaker that I use in the tractor and on the gator.  It plays tunes from my phone.  Depending on  the song, the album cover shows on my iPhone for each song.  Some of these are memorable, some forgettable, some are just out right art

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