Thoughts from Kelln

Major Redneck Event

Posted on February 11, 2013

     We made it to the Fists of Fury cage fights on Saturday night.  WOW!!  I was over-dressed for this event because I had a collar on my shirt.  Huge crowd.  But a large majority had tattoos, piercings, shaved heads, mohawks, etc.  Foxworthy would have a field day at one of these human cock fights.  Although not a pretty crowd, for the most part everybody was well behaved.  Mixed into the crowd was a

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Posted on February 09, 2013

     I hope that there is a chance of rain in your forecast wherever you are.  I wouldn’t mind a good wet snow, but I don’t think I want any part of that blizzard that is going on in New England.  That deal looks brutal      I’m off to the dealership on this fine, windy morning.  Then, I’ve got several goat projects lined up to do later this afternoon around the Kompound.  Nothing

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GOD made a farmer–yes, HE did

Posted on February 08, 2013

     I made it into the house just before halftime of the super bowl, which means that I saw most of the highlights.  I saw the blackout, Beyonce, the good part of the game and some of the commercials.  I missed most of the Bud Light commericals, but I probably didn’t need an ad to get me to buy some of that product.  One thing that I DID see was the Dodge commercial.  

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Posted on February 07, 2013

      I’ve been reading a post on this evening.  Now, I”m trying to decide if being “abrasive” is a positive or a negative.  I’ve decide that abrasive is a positive.  Let’s take a look.   The abrasion caused by glaciers slowly moving made most of North America’s landscape.–Positive (well except for the beauty known as the Texas panhandle). The use of abrasives helps a woodworker sand a rough piece of wood into

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Sires & Bucks

Posted on February 06, 2013

     One in the same.  And the good sires cost a lot of bucks.  I’ve been giving a lot of thought as to what to do with all of these smelly beasts that we have.  We have decided to sell semen on the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart semen sale on  There will be semen on Joe Dirt and Fade2Black.  I am still trying to decide whether to offer some out of Rumour Has It

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Blondes or brunettes

Posted on February 05, 2013

     Everybody has preferences.  Blondes or brunettes.  Tall or short.  Athletic build or not so much.  Top heavy or not.  I don’t know why it is hard for some people to understand why you would want to know who is judging a show.  I want to know who is judging Tulsa or OYE before I start buying goats.  Everybody has a preference–size, muscle vs. pretty, hard handle vs. will take some cover, some judges

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Support–like Nike says “Just Do It”

Posted on February 02, 2013

    The Dragon Lady and I ventured to OKC on Thursday night.  We attended the Sirloin Club banquet & auction.  The new regime at the OYE had reached out for more support from the goat sector.  In turn, the goats will gain more support in the show and premium sale.  There will be 30 wethers in the premium sale this year.        Let’s just say that we had a large time.  Our

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Smells like….

Posted on January 31, 2013

  a genius or just a dang publicist.        I watched the bcs championship game with the Dragon Lady.  I was hoping Notre Dame had a chance, but I was wrong.  When Brent Musburger went all nuts over the Alabama QB’s girlfriend, I had two, okay, maybe three thoughts.  1) He seems a little over-zealous  2)Yeah, she’s hot and 3)that QB’s mom looks pretty good too. I found it interesting how quickly this

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Just stuff

Posted on January 30, 2013

     Trying to train a guard dog pup.  His name is GARP–goat and ranch protection.  Also, I like the old school Robin Williams movie “The World According to Garp”.  Go find that movie at the rental store.  I’ve got it on VHS if you want to borrow it.  We had his brains cut out, I mean, we had him neutered.  I didn’t want him chasing female coyotes or trying to romance Sasha.  GOD never

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Posted on January 28, 2013

     I was checking animals with the gator this evening.  The spotlight was on.  I was possibly guilty of shining the spotlight towards the blacktop a 1/2 mile to the west.  There may or may not have been a moving vehicle.  I also may or may not have shined it to the south looking for eye-shine from a coyote.  There may have been a moving vehicle headed west on the blacktop a 1/2 mile

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