Thoughts from Kelln

     Last week, I had the joy of reading diary entries from one of my mother’s uncles.  I normally don’t get into sentimental kind of stuff and I really didn’t want to read it at the time, but like a good book, once I started, I had to finish it.  This deal turned out to be way cool.  First, this diary started in the twenties, as in the 1920s.  It started pre-depression, went through

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Posted on June 19, 2013

     In today’s society, if a person is not doing their job properly or they have a problem attending work, you can’t just fire them.  The burden is on the employer to prove that they were a worthless employee and needed firing.  Documentation is the key word.  You give verbal warnings and then document it.  You give written warnings as to why the employee is late again and his work sucks and then have

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Monday A.M. thoughts

Posted on June 17, 2013

     We got almost an inch of rain last night.  That is a good thing.  But when you raise goats, guess what, something will have the shits today.  It rains–a goat shits itself.  It is just a matter of fact.      We photoed, clipped, and wormed a pile of wethers yesterday.  Actually, we only photoed two for the Champions Choice online sale.  But we had a good crew here helping.  I think everything

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Posted on June 16, 2013

     Regardless of species, structure should be a priority when sorting livestock.  Structural correctness, adequate bone, etc.  Some genetics/farms, you know that they may or may not have enough bone.  Other genetics have hind wheel issues, while others need to be leveler hipped or better in their chest floor.  No matter where, structure should be the first sort factor.  Square on their feet and legs, clean chested, smooth fronted, level hipped while tracking out

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Getting things done

Posted on June 13, 2013

     Braden and I headed out on an adventure Wednesday afternoon.  We ended up buying wethers and a doe kid.  It’s a good thing we took a trailer.  We then stopped and looked at buck kids that are selling next week.  Yes, I’ve seen them several times, but I like looking at good animals.  We made it back late last night, unloaded and did chores.        We got up this morning and

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Posted on June 12, 2013

    Upon further reflection, a 20 or 30 thousand dollar wether may be cheaper than trying to raise good goats.  High priced bucks, destructive does, expensive hay & feed, limping babies, bad mothers, sore mouth, etc, etc.        Just go find the one or two that you really think are great ones, buy them then feed and show them right.  Takes less feed, facilities, fence, time, etc, than trying to raise goats.

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Posted on June 11, 2013

Good morning and have a nice day.

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$s, $s and more $s

Posted on June 10, 2013

     I stayed home this weekend.  I didn’t go to any other goat farms and I didn’t go to any sales down south.  I stayed home and saved my $s.  I actually collected money instead of spending it.        The reports from the Texas sales were that the good ones brought a pile of cash, the common ones had troubles finding new homes.  A wether sold for $32,000.  That doesn’t suprise me.

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Jinxed it!!

Posted on June 08, 2013

     As all of you loyal readers are well aware, we moved last year.  Moving the goats was a big undertaking as there were miles of fence and panels that had to be put up in order to contain/protect these beasts.  I like to have things done right.  No loose ends.  I spent thousands upon thousands for posts, wire, panels, etc. There are pens all around this piece of paradise.  From east to west,

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Quick Stops

Posted on June 07, 2013

     When traveling, looking for the next great goat, we stop at a lot of quick stops.  Gas is usually the driving force as to when we stop.  In Texas, when you stop at a quick stop, the odds are high that it will be at an Allsups.  They are everywhere.  It doesn’t matter the size of the town, they will have an Allsups.  They are a pretty good chain that is consistent in

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