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Posted on July 03, 2013

      Sometimes, when trying to write this word-of-the-day (BLOG), it is hard to interpret how the readers will take what is written.  Sometimes, when writing it, I know that there will be some crap stirred.  Other times, I don’t expect to receive any feedback.  Like last night, or a couple of posts this past week.        As somebody that is involved with sales on numerous levels, I think it is important

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Posted on July 02, 2013

      A common question is “How long will the goat market stay like this?”  I can answer it honestly.  Who knows?  I don’t. The market is moving north, east and west.  Cattle & horse people are getting into the goat business, looking at the price tags and going “Well hell, if that’s all it costs, let’s do it!”  Some breeders will grow, almost overnight, others won’t make it.  Why?  There is a lot

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Posted on July 01, 2013

Drink–Orange Juice (I have orange juice EVERYDAY)   Music–both kinds—good and loud Song–Amazing Grace  Baseball player–Kirby Puckett Football player–Barry Sanders Basketball player–RUSM!  I’m 5’9″ and white, like a give a rat’s ass about that sport.  Although, I watched a LOT of girl’s 6 on 6 basketball back in the late eighties.  It paid off.  Yep, I married the hot one with….attitude that was/is meaner than a cat w/ turpentine on it’s ass.   Day–Tomorrow Good

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Let me tell you….

Posted on June 30, 2013

about my last day or two.  I should have gone and bought lottery tickets as lucky as I have been.  First of all, I left work on Friday to come home, load the popper and head to Waynoka to pickup a Poe goat.  Before, I left work, I told Caleb, “I’m leaving to do this so that I can be here at the store in the morning.  Caleb said, “I want to work tomorrow.”  Jackpot.

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Posted on June 28, 2013

     How do you raise better animals?  You have to be critical of your own stock.  It is a requirement that you be able to look at your stuff, go “I raised how many premium sale goats last year?”, then pop a top and go “That wasn’t enough.”  Then answer the question, “What do we have to do to keep moving forward?”  Some would use the term progressive.  The Dragon Lady would just call

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Sales, sales and more sales

Posted on June 27, 2013

      Boy howdy, there sure is a pile of online sales this week.  And they seem to be going pretty well.  We’re selling a nice set of does in the Girls of Summer sale.  Whoever gets these 5 girls will love them when they go to raising babies out of them.  They are stacked with maternal genetics.  I am a firm believer that you have to have good mommas to raise babies.  It

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Throwaway Society

Posted on June 26, 2013

We live in a throwaway society.  Dang neart everything we use is designed to be chunked, possibly recycled, and more importantly, replaced with the newest version.   Cell phones–Who has a cell phone older than 5 years?  Nobody has one that gets as good of a signal as a bag phone.  Of course, these smart-ass phones do more, but don’t do the ORIGINAL job of being a phone as good as the bag phones.  Okay,

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Home Alone

Posted on June 25, 2013

     Duke is on a bus headed to Dallas tonight.  He and 20-some other kids from Shattuck will then fly to Orlando, FL for the national TSA contest. Tammy, Kela and Tammy’s mother are already in Orlando waiting on this crew and the Arnett TSA kids to get there.  Tammy has two nieces from Arnett that qualified.  All of this means that I am stuck at home…alone.  They will be home next month.  

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     Made it to Norman on Friday night to do what I like to do.  Look at good stock, have a beverage or 12, eat a good steak and hang out with the cool kids.  Throw in a bunch of tornasty refugee dogs at the fairgrounds, and well, if only we would have had a dog whistle during the sale.  That might have been fun.  Anyways, we had fun.  Saturday brought a good sale.

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Too many irons…

Posted on June 21, 2013

     I’ve got a lot to say, but I do not have the time to do it. This is a result of too many irons in the fire.  As I reflect upon my teaching career, I did my best work when irons were melting.  You then have to prioritize and get stuff done.  Well, here I am again.  All I have tonight is a shout-out to my buddy Schoovy, who is cutting good wheat

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