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Posted on November 01, 2019

Some people can put words together and make things sound like they are “prettier than a twenty dollar whore”.  Others can attach words in such a way that reminds one of a beginning welder trying to scab together some plate metal with 6011 rod.  It just ain’t right. I have recently watched as yet another senior class struggles with the literary works of the iconic Shakespeare.  How in the hell did this dude’s works become

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Posted on October 31, 2019

Baseball is finally over.  I’m not sure what Tammy will do with her time now.  That chick likes to watch post-season baseball. I think that it ought to be a law for every auto deal/tire shop to make dang sure that the tire sensors are programmed properly. Those two days of fall were nice.  Winter hit and hit hard.  That almost foot of snow that we got last week was probably the wettest snow that

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Posted on October 29, 2019

I really like this movie.  I don’t remember every reading any comic book about the characters in the Guardians of the Galaxy.  Marvel did a great job of taking a somewhat obscure comic and making it into the current movie franchise.  Duke introduced me to this movie and I’m not alone in enjoying this flick as it did almost $800 million at the box office.  I liked the 2nd edition and I will watch the

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Posted on October 28, 2019

I was in college the first time that I heard this term used in a judging situation.  I distinctly remember asking, “Uhhh, what does P.O.S. stand for?” I felt like a D.S. when I found out what P.O.S. stood for.  I should have seen that one coming.  If you don’t know, P.O.S.  stands for Piece Of $h!t.   Tonight, I tested the P.O.S. term.  I have always kind of wondered what the Point Of Separation

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Posted on October 24, 2019

There are numerous “facts” about how close we are to spiders.  Some say that we are always within 8 feet of a spider.  Some will say three feet.  No matter what, there is always a spider nearby. While putting on a lots miles in the past week, I had time to think.  I noticed things along the roads in numerous states.       Which brings me to Dollar General stores.  Like spiders, they are

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One of my favorite responders to this blog is a western Kansan that goes by the name Jamie Kratzer.  He has sent in requests, topics, replies, answers, questions, concerns, whatever…… There has been times that I hit submit and less than 2 minutes later…he responded.  Although his blog reply took several days, I still like it. Dude, it ain’t easy to type out some timely stuff for others to read.  I get it, I like

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Name Game

Posted on October 18, 2019

Uncle Ron brought up valid points about naming bucks.  It truly is a name game.  Do you stick with the sire lineage name?  Come up with something unique?  Steal from a different species? Some names should be retired–Who Made Who, Slam Dunk, Sugar Ray, 900, 191…just to name a few.  Heat Wave needs to be done.  I didn’t think it was cool when some named a goat, boar or sheep Heat Wave.  But, then again,

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Guest Blog

Posted on October 16, 2019

This is my favorite that was sent to me. The author is Ron Simonson from Nebraska.  If you don’t know of Ron, well, you need to.  He’s managed to put together some elite wethers the past few years including grands & reserve grands at Nebraska State Fair, Arizona National, NILE, AkSarBen and others.  He has owned elite bucks, utilizes AI & ET in his program.  But, he also helps a lot of other breeders in

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Been a bit

Posted on October 14, 2019

Yes, I know that I haven’t hit the keyboard in almost a week.  Been busy.  You may not believe this but it takes a bit to log in, type crap and publish this crap.  No matter if it’s one word or 1,800.  With this crappy internet service, it takes a bit. I also know that I need to post a deal or three that was submitted by others.  We will get to it.  Just not

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Posted on October 08, 2019

Giddy is a term that most people would NEVER associate with me.  Arrogant, a-hole, stubborn, boorish, stand-offish, grouchy are all terms that most would try to tie to me and my sunshiny personality.  I can address this. arrogant–NO–I prefer extremely confident in my own abilities.  I’ll brag about kids as well as others.  I’ll answer any question that any of you that have dealt with me asks me. a-hole–yes, sure.  That one definitely applies.  I

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