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Posted on May 14, 2013

     It can be hard to decide when and how to sell a show animal.  There are two concerns–1)  As a breeder, you want to get your animals into the hands of people that will work at trying to make an animal look their best.  2)  You would like to maximize income.  Ideally, you could do both, but not always.  Personally, I would rather take $2,000 for a wether and get him into a

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New Week

Posted on May 13, 2013

     Monday is here.  This means an extremely busy week is over.  We had a large time Saturday evening.  Lots of food, people and beverages.  Throw in some home-made ice cream and cookies and I am now a little fatter than I was.  I tried to keep up with the new college grads, but that didn’t work out too good.      Had several out of staters here this weekend to pick up goats.

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Posted on May 11, 2013

     There has been several adventures this past week.  Just going to work has been an adventure.  I’m short-handed and it has been busy.  Good problem.  Delivering balers has been an adventure.  Trying to trade for off-colored equipment has been an adventure.  Taking care of goats is always an adventure.      I ventured out on Thursday evening to go look at a set of goats.  I took the popper in the back of

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Posted on May 08, 2013

     I am not much of a worrier.  I wonder a lot, but I don’t worry about it.  I don’t worry about things that I can control–I do my dangdest to control them.  I don’t worry about things that I can’t control–I live with them.  The weather can piss me off, but I don’t worry about it.  I try to prepare for it and then deal with it.         Worrying and

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Buy it now

Posted on May 07, 2013

     It is getting to be that time of year.  The time to start buying show goats for Okies & Texans.  I’m really not in the mood to start, but I better get that way.  I’ve looked at a few sets. Might have even bought a set or two already, but you’ve got to move quick because somebody else will.  I don’t like buying when they are 4 weeks old, but you do what

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Is it or isn’t it?

Posted on May 06, 2013

      Is a koala a marsupial or is it a koala bear?  Bear or not?  It has all of the koalaifications to be a bear, but it isn’t a bear.  I love that.  I’m thinking about planting some Eucalyptus trees so that I can have a koala.  That probably won’t work in my little piece of paradise.  Why?  Those trees would freeze.         So, where do you rank these in

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May 4

Posted on May 05, 2013

      Lots of special things happening on this fine day.  First, it is national Star Wars day.  I have been a Star Wars junkie since the seventies.  Kela & Duke, in turn have become somewhat of Star Wars junkies as well.  So today was fitting to be national Star Wars day.  May the 4th be with you.      Second, May 4 was the first Pick your Poison sale.  Braden & Schoovy hauled

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Posted on May 03, 2013

     Getting goats ready for a sale takes work.  Catch the goats, load the goats in the trailer, drive to Shattuck to Taylor’s heated barn (beings how it is May and below freezing), unload the goats and trim hooves.  That is pretty well where my work stopped.  At that point, Tyke and Big Bill went to shearing.  I watched and ran my mouth.  We have noticed over the years that little goat shearing goes

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Posted on May 02, 2013

      It is May 2.  I was wearing shorts–no shirt, on Sunday afternoon.  Last night and this morning–32 degrees, snow, sleet & drizzle rain.  And then there is this EFFing wind that has just been relentless for several months now, save for a couple of beautiful days.  This weather is wild.  It was 90 degrees on Sunday.  Sixty degree change in just a couple of days.  Throw in some moisture and a pile

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Posted on May 01, 2013

     I saw Tyke’s twin kids this evening.  They are cute,  but I’m not much on babies until they are of age to corrupt.  If they can walk, feed themselves and keep from crapping themselves, then that is the age that I start getting interested in being around kids.  Tammy, on the hand, loves babies.  It makes me nervous.         I changed my feeding program this past year on the doe

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