Thoughts from Kelln


Posted on January 07, 2013

     One of the biggest fears of humans is public speaking.  Very few people like to get up in front of any number of people and talk.  I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me, but I don’t mind being in front of a crowd.  Which is weird as I have a lot of anti-social tendencies.  My mom made me do the reading at church when I was a kid.  This was the only

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It’s Friday?

Posted on January 04, 2013

     What a screwed up week.  Crazy busy at work on Monday.  Off on Tuesday.  It doesn’t feel like a Friday.  Our resident scholar is glad that it is a short school work week.  It has been a weird week.        Last saturday, Duke wrestled in Tonkawa.  On our way home, we decided to stop and see a former student who lives north of Cleo Springs.      Brady Thomas showed pigs

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Posted on January 03, 2013

     I have been on strike the past month.  I got done with the Champion’s Choice jackpot on Dec. 1 and I hadn’t looked at, handled, clipped or trimmed hooves on anybody’s show goats since then.  I did try to help Duke get Red Tuxedo’s mind right, but all I accomplished was hurting myself.  Sometimes, a person just has to get away from all of it in order to stay focused.  So I went

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Posted on January 03, 2013

     Last night, I recieved word that Tom Lamle’s father had passed away.  I talked to Tom this morning and he and the family were fine.  Keep his family in your prayers.  Tom was in Okeene helping to take care of his father’s stuff and still managed to make it to Jared Bedwell’s memorial service.  Jeff Bedwell and Tom grew up together.        It is kind of neat to look at the

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Happy New Year

Posted on January 01, 2013

     The year 2013 is here.  Somehow, we managed to avoid the fiscal cliff.  I’m happy we avoided this clliff, mainly, so we don’t have to hear the mainstream media talk about it anymore.  It’s amazing how our media comes up with new terms and then sensationalizes it to the point that we are just numb to the crap they are talking about.  Maybe milk needs to cost $8 a gallon so that the

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Where to begin….Prayers

Posted on December 28, 2012

      I don’t know even know where to begin.   Do I write this as an ex-ag teacher, a parent, a stock show addict, what?  My gut is in a knot and my head is upside down & sideways….and I feel lucky.  Some of you that read this are interested in goats, some interested in the stock show industry and some look at it to see what kind of crap I can come

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Good morning

Posted on December 27, 2012

     Not quite as cold this morning, but the wind is out of the south.  The wind is moving a lot of tumble weeds from one side of the fence row to the other.  I’m glad I don’t have any babies at the house right now.        Kela is dog sitting for a friend of hers.  We have some kind of dang walking dust mop living with us.  I think it is

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In the dark

Posted on December 26, 2012

     This time of year, I do most of my chores in the dark.  It is dark at 5:30 am and 6 pm, so I do most everything by barn light, flash light or gator light.  Two things that I can tell you that goats won’t do in the dark–1–You can’t herd them and 2–You can’t get them to take a drink.        Everything is frozen.  I made sure everything got a

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Posted on December 25, 2012

     Well, we got a white Christmas but I don’t think it is the kind that Bing Crosby used to sing about.  It is a miserable snow, no moisture to it, and it is coming in sideways at 50 mph.  The weather is not fit for man nor beast.  The wethers are wearing numerous layers (2 wool lined canvas blankets and another canvas blanket over the first two) and they are inside their boxes

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Posted on December 23, 2012

     We loaded up Friday evening and went back to Woodward.  We drove through Crystal Christmas.  It is a really neat Christmas light show at Crystal Beach Park in Woodward.  After that we went to a Mexican joint and ate.  Then Tammy decided she needed a few items at walmart.  I didn’t want to go, but I decided to make the best of it.       Duke and I headed for the legos.

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