Thoughts from Kelln

Good Day

Posted on January 16, 2014

      A lot of what we accomplish in our day to day life depends on our attitude.  I am well aware that most of the time my attitude seems pretty negative.  However, my actiions are positive.  For example, if you read this or listen to me talk about the financials of the goat industry, I seem/sound like I want no part of this business.  Yet, my actions (or lack thereof) show that I

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All over the place

Posted on January 15, 2014

       I’ve got the same questions that everybody else in the show goat world has–How much 900 is too much?  How tight can I line up 191?  Where is the next great one? I can answer all of these questions with a very solid I don’t know.  What I do know is that I could just stay at home and show kids sired by Joe Dirt, Rumour Has It and Rainman and we

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Posted on January 14, 2014

      Monday at work was fairly uneventful.  Monday after work became more exciting.  I had ordered a gun last week.  Al called and told me that it was in today.  I called Tammy and told her and Duke to pick it up after school.  They did.  Plus, he had gotten .22 ammo in stock.  So she bought several bricks.         Tammy and Duke got home just about the same time

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Hot Toddy

Posted on January 13, 2014

      I’ve been fighting the achy flu for a week now.  No gut problems.  Just hurt like hell.  My lovely bride, the Dragon Lady, was looking for remedies online.  She asked me tonight, have you ever had a “hot toddy”.  I laughed and asked if it involved whiskey, honey, cinnamon and lemon juice?  She cocked her head at me and said, “Yes.”  I answered, “I was just thinking about mixing one.”    

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Posted on January 09, 2014

     Wheww!!  When I wrote that “cost of production” blog a couple of nights ago, I did not imagine the amount of responses that it generated.  Calls from those that were depressed because they sat down and figured their costs.  Texts “detailing” what their costs were going to be and how they were going to depreciate items and their 3 year plan.  Several statements acknowledging that “they never dreamed that it cost so much

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Posted on January 08, 2014

      I have been feeling a little uncomfortable the past few days.  This weekend was wicked cold.  Of course, this would be a perfect time for a heater to quit working.  We called a guy Saturday afternoon, but he didn’t make it.  By Sunday afternoon, it was really getting cold and I was worried about pipes. We went to calling more people.  Then, I thought, heck, we’ve got a fireplace.  It is a

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Cost of Production

Posted on January 06, 2014

      One thing about cold weather, it makes me think.  This brutal wind with butt-ass cold temps keeps me inside and I can only stand to watch so much Law & Order.  Winter months means more hay & more feed expenses combined with the need for facilities to keep animals warm and dry.  Throw in a set of babies and hay, feed and facilities are amplified.       No matter what business

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New Year

Posted on January 03, 2014

      Today, we had to take Kela to the airport so that she could head back to LA.  Part of me wishes she was homesick and had enough of that crap out there and was ready to move back.  The rest of me is proud that she is chasing a dream and working towards a goal.  Mom is already counting the days when she comes back again. Duke was glad to have big

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Dec. 30

Posted on December 31, 2013

     I was late getting home from work. Year end in the equipment business is crazy.  Nonetheless, I got home did chores, checked stock and got things ready for tomorrow.  I skipped up the driveway and into the house, turned the tube on to see the football game.  I’m not a Texas Longhorns fan, (unless they are playing ou)  but I do respect the program and I think that Mack Brown is a class

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Posted on December 30, 2013

     Saturday was awesome in terms of weather.  I got quite a bit done around this little piece of paradise.  Several families brought goats.  I had to shut down early as the family was heading to Burlington to go eat at the Vintage House.  We met my hero–Jim Rhodes and his lovely wife and daughter, as well as the newly crowned DR. Mindi Clark and her husband Steve.  Steve has a pretty cool story

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