Thoughts from Kelln


Posted on December 03, 2020

Happening by chance rather than design.  Nope.  Not here. Random, maybe.  This dispersal has been on my mind for awhile.  It was not a last minute, get pissed kind of emotional response.  There are a lot of factors.  Simply put, I have too many irons in the fire.  And NOBODY here enjoys dealing with the doe goats.  We like the babies, I like the bucks.  I like selling good wethers.  Tammy has a good job. 

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Posted on December 01, 2020

Tammy and I no longer have a teenager.  Duke turns 20 years old today.  This year has probably aged him more than all of the previous years combined. And just like when the kids had birthdays during grade school, his mom is making “treats” for his class at school.  Except now it is biscuits & sausage gravy and sausage rolls.  The wind energy class at High Plains Technology Center will be eating well this morning.

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Things change

Posted on November 30, 2020

During Christmas 2019, my brothers and I were discussing a wicked 50th wedding anniversary for our parents.  Thanksgiving 2020 showed us that we were just lucky to get the immediate family together.  It was good, just not as good as it might have been.  I am so proud of my parents and my brothers. John Q. & Debbie Kelln– 50 years of marriage. 3 sons. No divorces. 3 hot daughter-in-laws 3 granddaughters 3 grandsons Job

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Posted on November 26, 2020

Fifty years ago, this day of the Lord, November 26, John Q. & Deborah A. Schneider were married.  Now, 50 years later, John & Debbie Kelln are getting ready to re-do their vows, in the same church, with their 3 sons, 3 daughter in laws and 5 of the 6 grandkids in attendance.  Kela is stuck in California (work not covid). In true 2020 form, we are dealing with some covid crap in order to

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Every day–learn

Posted on November 25, 2020

I try to learn something new everyday.  It might be a random fact that I googled at 3:29 am which will only come in handy during a game of Trivial Pursuit, during an argument or on the off chance that I get on Jeopardy! While other days, I actually try to learn something useful.  Today, I was a 3FER in that regard. For starters, the school had a lunch rail at the grade school that

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Cashing some checks

Posted on November 24, 2020

It gets dark too early.  I don’t watch any news or professional sports, I’m current on The Mandalorian and Yellowstone which leaves me triple D, reruns of Law & Order or SVU, Counting Cars or Pawn Stars. Off and on, I’ve watched Pawn Stars since sometime in 2009.  I have enjoyed a few episodes.  In January of 2010, a crew of us went to Vegas.  Poe & I had seen Pawn Stars.  Mikey Thompson and

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Here’s a little bit of worthless reading material that can get one through a long sit down session in a bathroom. Do NOT trim your nails in the dark.  That is a job that requires plenty of light. Do NOT remove CIDRs from a goat by yourself.  Even if you can hold one still and reach back there….well then, it is just a cleaner process if you have help. I highly recommend attending a livestock

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In Laws

Posted on November 19, 2020

So, I needed to see a hog trap gate.  My brother-in-law, Trapper Todd, has such a gate.  It is a feral hog trap gate that can be triggered via text message.  I have some kids building a hog trap for a customer and I needed to get the dimensions.  Trapper Todd is the state trapper for this part of OK.  While our kids were growing up, they always called him Cowboy Todd.  But, now it

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Goat Yoga

Posted on November 17, 2020

To start with: Dear 2020, I would like to let you know that I am typing all of this with my middle finger!  Actually, both of them.   Yeah, it’s a thing.  Ladies doing yoga with little goats climbing all over them.  Cute! Back in 2007, I started a chapter in a book.  The chapter was titled, “Goat Yoga”.  It’s not the same thing.  And it damn sure ain’t cute.   It was towards the

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Rattling around

Posted on November 16, 2020

There has been a lot of stuff rattling around inside my skull.  Some good, some bad. Months ago, there was a joke amongst some of my friends that Ellis County was covid-free because it was so effing dry that no virus could live out here.  Well, we got an ice storm 2 weeks ago.  Ice, snow and rain brought us much needed moisture.  Guess what blew the eff up since then?  Yep.  The rona has

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