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Stock Market

Posted on June 30, 2022
      Presently, the actual stock market isn’t worth looking at.  Unless you are wanting to buy.         It looks to me like goat breeders need to treat the semen sales like the stock market.  You about need to buy a bunch of straws on up and coming bucks BEFORE they hit a big lick.  This is not a novel idea as I know of several breeders that have been doing


Posted on June 22, 2022
      To be honest, for the first 15 years of raising goats, I really didn’t care about sale barn prices.  If I was hauling something to the sale barn, I wanted it GONE!  I really did not care what it brought.       Now, as a result of having commercial hair sheep, sale barn market reports have became a deal that I check weekly.  Market prices for sheep and goats are higher than

Driving and thinking

Posted on June 15, 2022
      Much like Willie Nelson, I’ve been on the road again.  I’ve sorted through numerous sets of goats in several states.  I’ve gathered lambs from the midwest.  And I’ve traveled to several learning experiences such as the spur making workshop that I went to in east Texas last week.  It was fun and I learned.  Not that I’m going to go into business making spurs.  I just thought it was a project that

Pizza Problems

Posted on June 7, 2022
     Growing up in Shattuck, OK, there was only one pizza option–Pizza Hut.  As a result, Pizza Hut pizza has always been one of my favorites.  The spring of 2020 brought lots of changes to the world.  Although it was a busy Pizza Hut, corporate decided that the Shattuck Pizza Hut would become a casualty of COVID and we no longer have one.        Recently, I needed some chemical from Tractor Supply in


Posted on June 1, 2022
        I don’t think that you can find anybody that markets their goats online that will argue with me with the following statement–Today’s online buyer is getting dumber!           For starters, as a whole, prospective buyers do not call the breeders and discuss the individual animals.  It used to be that people would call, cuss & discuss.  I have always advised to go look at the stock or

Memorial Day

Posted on May 30, 2022
     Really hot and REALLY windy on Sunday.  So far, just hot on Memorial Day.  I finished plowing some fields Sunday afternoon.  The worst part is that the AC is out on my tractor.  I’m ready for them to get it fixed.         We all need to remember the real reason for Memorial Day.  Prayers and thanks to those that have served and for those that are serving.  Thank you.      


Posted on May 27, 2022
     I cringe when people ask me “Are you glad to be done with school for a couple of months?”  Hunh?      Sunday found me sorting a good set of goats and identifying show prospects for students.        Monday through Wednesday found us traveling to a judging clinic in Waynoka.  This was an excellent clinic for beginners and experience evaluators.  Outstanding livestock, awesome mentors that were coaching kids and the food was


Posted on May 25, 2022
      May 25, 1977 was the debut of arguably the greatest of all time–movie.  This was the debut of Star Wars.  Without argument, it is the most profitable film series of all time.  Almost a dozen movies, tv specials, streaming series, cartoon series, action figures & toys have all raked in massive amounts of cash over the last 45 years–with no sign of it slowing down.  Any day now, the new Kenobi series


Posted on May 24, 2022
     It has been months since we have had a good rain.  So far, we are past 1″ and it is still raining.  Those in Eastern Oklahoma don’t need nor want the rain.  Those in central Oklahoma have been griping about it being dry and people, they don’t know what dry is.  Western Oklahoma and the panhandles of OK & TX are DRY.  Now, we’ve got a chance.         Off to judge


Posted on May 16, 2022
      May 15, 2022 is 30 years that the Dragon Lady and I have been married.  There wasn’t a conventional wedding.  We went to the courthouse in Lipscomb, TX and got hitched.  We told our parents afterwards.  Some said that it was about time, since we already had a two year old daughter.  Might not have been the proper start but I know a lot of people that started out under better conditions

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