Saw some cool historical stuff. Took a duck tour around the city & in the harbor. The USS Consitution, aka “Old Ironsides” is pretty cool to see. They also have a neat aquarium that has a heck of a penguin exhibit. I asked the ticket taker if penguin’s were on the menu. She laughed & said , “Sure.” She then realized that I meant to eat. I think a lot of taxi drivers are from Morroco. In fact, all of the drivers we’ve had were from Morroco. I like talking to cab drivers. I think that if you speak English as your primary language, then you are probably a minority. Even in America. I think a lot of people don’t think &/or just don’t know. We were in a frozen yogurt bar. It was a very popular place. The sign proudly proclaimed that “all of their yogurt was made from cows that didn’t have any icky hormones.” I looked at the crowd & wondered just how many of the women were taking birth control pills that contained “icky” hormones. There was a same-sex couple with a kid. I’m sure that there was not any hormones used in that deal. I listened to a chick talk to her friends about her vegan diet. She got her a cup of frozen yogurt & then topped it with gummy bears. Hhmm? I ‘m sure that there wasn’t any collagen used in the production of those gummy bears. I mean, heck, the yogurt itself came from cows. Just random thoughts from Boston.