This day

     This day is off and running.  Looks like Milligan made the same tourist spot to visit Crush and the great wall.  

     Stopped in at Seelke’s yesterday.  Saw the bred does that they are going to sell next week.  Looks like there will be some good opportunities to buy really good females carrying Rumour Has It kids.  This will be a stellar way to buy some top shelf genetics that will have a short turnaround time.  Buy in October, kid in December, sell in March.  Profit.  Why would they sell these?  They have too many goats on too small an area and too little time to take care of them all.  Combined with keeping replacement doe kids, something has to go.

      I feel their pain.  I have a lot of days where I think about breeding all of my does and selling them all.  But instead, I am just trying to get half ass organized to have a sale in the next two weeks.  I am going to sell about 10 wethers (mostly Joe Dirts), 2 buck prospects (1 really good, 1 DAMN good) and a handful of bred does.  I’m going to clip and photo on Sunday.  Then, it will be up to to get the info up and sell them.