Sometimes, and only on special occasions I think a little bit.  Recently, I caught myself thinking about my job.  I was thinking that if it wasn’t for equipment, customers and employees then I would have a really good job.  Ironically, without the equipment, excellent customers and a dang good set of employees, I wouldn’t have a job anymore.  

      I remember thinking back in 2002 or 3 that I couldn’t believe that I got paid to teach ag-ed at Waynoka.  I was living a dream.  Then somewhere in the next year or two, it became a job.  Then I realized that I was dang neart working for free when you figured it by the hour.  The highs became really high, the lows became really low and somewhere along the way I got in my own way.

      The last year or two, I’ve been thinking that I have about had it with the weather in this part of the world.  Then, this morning, I was on the phone with a guy in Winnipeg.  Yes, in Canada.  I asked him how the weather was treating him.  He replied, “It has been over 3 months since the temperature has been above freezing.  It is 24 degrees below zero right now and I can’t stand to go outside.”  I said, “Dang, 24 below is brutal.”  He replied, “Of course, that is 24 below on the Celsius scale.”  HOLY jeeminy that is effing cold.  I’m out.  Don’t want none of that.  Things like this get me to thinking, dang that weather in Costa Rica was A-okay and according to my phone, the weather there is still A-okay.  

       On certain occasions, I look at all my panels, feeders, equipment, sheds, does, etc, etc. and think, this could make for a really good dispersal sale.  But then, I think crap, I would then have a tax problem and I don’t want a tax problem.  And what would I do with this piece of paradise if I didn’t have these beasts?  Exercise.  I think not.  Go watch basketball games?  I know not.  Take up woodworking?  Nope.  I then think that I will just keep these beasts and see what we can think of next.  

      I was looking at a buck prospect tonight and I stood there thinking that I am not very intelligent if I sell him.  I really like him.  A LOT.  And if I wanted to go somewhere to by one like him, it would be really hard to find one that looks like this and it would cost an absolute wheelbarrow load of cash.  That or a really hot-to-the-touch check.  Some people won’t like this goat, but if you like a wide-skulled, clean throated, up headed, wide chested yet clean fronted, bold ribbed, square racked, popping loin, up-tailed and level hipped, monster assed, heavy structured and square on all four corners and backed with great genetics then you will like this goat.  I’m thinking that if I had any actual intelligience about me, then I would clip him up and take a picture or two.  That takes time.  And time is in short supply around here.  

      I realize now that I am thinking again.  Therefore, I better shut it down.  Good luck.  Stay flexible but not limp.