Things you may not know

     There are a lot of things that most people don’t know about me.  One thing is that I am big on lists.  To be specific, lists on sticky notes.  I’m normally not very far from a pad of sticky notes.  I make daily lists of stuff-to-do on sticky notes.  And I take satisfaction in scratching items off of said lists as they get done.  I also use these pads of sticky notes to write ear tags when making breeding decisions.  AND I use these pads of sticky notes to write ear tags, genetic info and birth dates of animals as I am sorting.  I can use these notes as references for when I see animals at sales later in the year.  I also use them to compare notes, if I see the animals multiple times.  If I like them every time that I see them, better get serious.   I still have most of the notes from the past ten years in this business.  I get kind of nostalgic sorting through them from time to time.  Yep, that one won OYE, that one the state fair, that one didn’t turn out, that one didn’t get fed right, I wish I would have kept bidding on that one, had that one marked as a definite maybe if price is right and then he went on to win Lone Star Elite, Reserve at Woodward and Res. Div. 2 at OYE (obviously, not an exact science)….so on and so on.  

      I like to refer back to these lists after show season.  Why?  Hunh.  Where did that goat sell?  Oh at such and such sale.  That wasn’t on the list of ear tags I wrote down.  Hhmm.  I guess I missed that one.  Sure.  All of this helps for future purchasing decisions.  I also keep sale order lists and the notes that I make.  

      The best thing about my lists is that I have the penmanship of a 3rd grader that is all jacked up on caffeine and writes with his toes.  In other words, my penmanship isn’t very good.  Hard for others to decipher.  

      I also like top ten lists.  Top ten movies, top ten songs, most under-rated, top whatever.   On this fine evening, I saw a pop-up ad for the 5 Most Bad Ass Dudes of All Time.  I had to click on it.  I knew that I wasn’t on the list, but I still wanted to see. 

      I liked the list.  It wasn’t what I was expecting.  The list consisted of:

Bruce Lee–sure.  No arguments.  

Ghandi–Yes, Ghandi–And the reasons given were great.  He didn’t whip anybody’s donkey, but his will-power was undeniable.  Alright.  I like it.

Nikola Tesla–I love the band TESLA, which is named after him.  Once again, he didn’t whip anyone, but the reasons were bad ass.  

Arnold Schwarzenegger–on the list for the goal lists that he made years ago, accomplished and kept the lists.  I like goal lists.  Plus, he played lots of bad ass characters in movies.  Of course, Conan the Barbarian was the baddest.  

And my favorite–Teddy Roosevelt–RUSM?!  I love this selection. I did not see it coming, but I love it. I’ve liked reading historical stuff about him.  I’ve always kind of thought that he understood the publicity part of politics and fame long before social media.  War hero.  Might have fought a grizzly.  Won political fights.  Got shot while giving a speech, but didn’t go to the hospital until he was done with the speech.  Best quote about him–“Death had to take him sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight.”


Here’s a shout out to an old Nebraskan that stole some doe kids from me.  Even though he had a headache, he still recognized a good deal.  Horseshoes & shamrocks!   Holler at me when you have a killer out of that new buck.