Things that I like

This could be a really long list but it isn’t.  I’m a lot like that one dude from Cincinnati, and could be easily swayed for one particular item.  A really good item.

I like a really hot day that ends with an unexpected rain shower that drops the temps from 101 to 70 in less than an hour.  I wanted some really good rain but will take what we can get.  Much like that dude from Cincinnati.

I like hauling hay out of the fields.  Round or small squares.  It isn’t fun but there is a sense of relief that we are good to go for another year.

I like people that take pride in their work and well, maybe they put more effort into it than they should.  But when you tell them “Good job!”  They have a sigh that only comes from somebody else noticing the work that they put into that project.  For example, I went to a district stock show meeting.  It was held at High Plains Tech Center.  The lady in charge of lunch did well.  Kabob skewers with fresh fruit–loved it!  Bags of chips.  Sandwiches, each neatly tied in picnic table designed paper and tied with twine.  AWESOME presentation!  Food was way good.  Perfect kind of lunch for a meeting.

After the meeting was over, several of us were standing around BSing.  I saw the lady and said, “Great job on lunch!  It was great!”

She said, “Oh, was it really okay?  I was worried.  I wanted it to be sanitary and thought those wraps would hopefully work.”

“Ma’am, with that group, you could have thrown it all on one platter and it would have been good.  However, the presentation was wicked.”  Mr. Pullan concurred and threw in a  “Yes, that was a great looking lunch and it was good.”

“Oh, Thank You.  Presentation is important and I was worried if it was all good enough.”

Awesome!  No riots in NW OK.  Although there has been some protests.  Which is fine, when done right.


Tonight, Tammy asked if lunch was good.  I told her the story.  Tammy said that lady was worried if it was good and looked good enough.  I said, “Honey, I don’t want to pay $15 for a sandwich lunch but I would have for this.  The fruit was a cool touch.  And the presentation looked the part.  This was free and I would have gladly paid money for it.”

It doesn’t matter what race this lady is…..I just like the fact that she wanted to do the best that she could.

I may not look like a fruit eater…..but, I am.  I love fresh fruit.  I would like to pick a fresh orange and eat it as I am driving down the road.  I have goals and they are simple, yet worthwhile goals.  One of these days, I WILL pet a damn Koala.

I like a doe goat that does her job.  And I love a doe goat that goes above and beyond.  Stories yet to come.

I like the stories of common sense prevailing and places getting back to the real world.

I like the feel of a fresh hair cut.  It was getting bad.  Real bad!  I saw THE Chesley Comstock earlier this week.  She told me that I looked like a scary Santa Claus.  Another dude, that has no business telling anybody about their appearance, told me that I reminded him of Captain Caveman.  CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!!!!!!!   Yeah, google that one.  I remember that cartoon.

I have mentioned before that I have hair as coarse as an old-school Berkshire hog.  Well, it is true.  I tried using “hair/beard trimmers”.  Bogged it down.  Wouldn’t cut it.  So, I went to the barn, grabbed the Andis with a #9 blade and the hog hair guides.  I don’t look good, although I may look better but, no matter,  I like how I feel.

I like going on adventures.  I am AMPED!!!   Don’t know what I am going to see, may not see what I am looking for, nonetheless, I am going and there is a chance that I will see what I seek and I like what I see.

GOD, please look out for this country/world.  PLEASE!!  We need help!

People, have a good one today and a better one tomorrow.  Horseshoes and shamrocks for all.

I like that.

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