Things I Love

This isn’t a top 10 list.  We can even kind of skip the obvious things such as my wife, kids, family, etc.  That part of the list are what makes life worth living.  Here is the dumbed down version of the list.

A day with little wind and good temps.  

Watching young animals when they first hit soil and see sunlight.  Regardless of a calf, piglet, lamb or goat;  if you aren’t in a great mood watching a baby animal, well, something just ain’t right with you.  

A broke-in cap cap that just feels natural.  A good fitting t shirt.  Shoes/Boots that fit perfectly are absolutely priceless.  

The sound of a light saber or a wookie growl. 

Great tunes.  Especially, that moment when flipping radio stations and you realize that is a song worth stopping, cranking the volume and just getting in a happy place.  

Trips in the Ag pickup.  

Catching a fish.  Any fish. 

Seeing a good show project turn out like you thought it would.  

Going hunting, but not worried about shooting as you realize that sometimes, it is better to be able to sit back and let the kids have the fun.  

Talking to other livestock people that have similar goals in mind.

Worrying about your kids, but also knowing that you really don’t have anything to worry about.  

Being able to cut in line without upsetting anybody.  

Not really wanting to go to OYE, but realizing that this will be some kids most memorable moment.  In other words, being humbled and reminded why we do this stuff.  

Good luck.  Good day.  And we are getting close to March 17th.