There and back!

People’s evidence #1–the Dragon Lady and I are getting old.  Proof–We decided to get up and make the 3 hour drive to Stillwater this AM.  And we were early for OSU graduation, which started 9 am.

People’s evidence #2–the Dragon Lady and I are getting old.  We came home–the same day.  We went There and back!  Oh, we went and ate lunch, then went to a plant nursery. Then came home.  OFFICIALLY OLD!

We got to Stillwater, drove by Gallagher-Iba Arena and decided to go park by the softball stadium.  This proved to be a wise decision.  As we were getting out of the pickup, I told her to “Come on.  There are the softball girls.”  This meant that we got to see the OSU softball manager, Logan Holt.  We also saw OSU softball player, Chelsea Alexander.  Cool kids.

Yes, the bagpipe and drum corp did lead the graduates.   Yes, the orange plaid kilts are bad ass.  Yes, Tammy and I sat there in that hallowed arena, looking at the list of graduates to see who all we knew.  Yes, once again, Tammy and I realized that we are old.

While sitting there, thinking, I realized that it had been 5 years since Kela graduated in that building.  Then, I did some quick goat math and realized that it had been 25 years since I graduated from that school.  However, I did not graduate in Gallagher-Iba.  Back then, they herded graduates across the football field.  But in May of 1993, it was an absolute flood of rainwater.  So, they held a ceremony for each college in a room or 4 across campus.  I went across in a ballroom in the Student Union.  Lots of friends and family–it was good.  Of course, all of the family was there because that meant that they got to be with a 3 year old Kela.

Yes, it was cool to see Maddie Atha get her B.S.  even though, we are already making plans to go back in a couple of years to watch her become Dr. Maddie Atha, DVM.  But, her younger sister Sarah will graduate college next.  And hopefully, Duke from high school–next year–GOD willing.

OSU alum, Ross Mcknight was the keynote speaker.  Not the clearest speaker but dang good message.  He is very pro OSU.  He gave very simple, direct DOs and DON’Ts to the grads.  But his main message–Don’t smoke!   I loved his quote, “Do not smoke in front of a potential employer.  If you do, you are proving that when given facts, data and info that you will make an irrational decision that is wrong.”  He is right.  He also brought up some cool points about a given day in 1991 in the USA Today newspaper.  I did not know this but remember all parts well.  Cool deal.

We also got to see the likes of Kory Dietz, Jennifer Bedwell, Hannah Darr and Braden Schovanec graduate.  We did meet up with the whole Schoovy clan.  This was a cool experience as Braden looked like a college graduate, Christy looked good, Halie looked good and….and TravASS and Carson both had their hair combed.  I think that it was the first time that I have ever seen TravASS and Carson both…without caps…and hair combed…at the same time.   Tammy took a family picture for the Schoovanec’s.  One thing about it, there is some strong genetics from Christy to provide the looks in those kids.  Good looking kids.  And then there is TravASS.  I remember some story about polishing a turd.  In all honesty, great looking family.  I am really glad that their eldest is an Okie State grad.  Even happier that Halie will be an OSU grad.  Carson is like Duke….we won’t hold our breaths.

It was dang weird after the ceremony.  Tammy was trying to find the rest of the family in order to meet up with them.  She was told, “Your brother Todd is wearing a long sleeve, button up white shirt AND…a ball cap.”   WTH?  We knew that he would have on a clean, white long sleeve shirt.  But a ball cap?  I told Tammy, “I’ve never seen Todd in a ball cap.  I guarantee you that he didn’t buy a ball cap.  It has to be a free one.”  I was right.

Great lunch with the family.  Tammy and her nieces are making fun plans for the summer and future graduations.  Then we went next door and toured a greenhouse/nursery.  Then we spent money there.

We arrived back in paradise, changed clothes and went to doing chores.  I climbed on that fuel efficient 4640 and chiseled the goat pasture.  It was hard but the chisel, for the most part, took the ground.  Good enough that I can drill some cover crop seed with any moisture that may come.

Which brings us back full story…..This winter, I took that John Deere 4640 and a disc into the John Deere dealer in Woodward.  A dealership that I know well.  I told the service department to change all the fluids, filters and fix any leaks.  Fix the blower motor on the AC unit.  Check the AC lines.  Fix the water pump seal.  They then asked what about the lights?  I replied, “The motor has to be good, the AC has to work and I could give two squirts of owl crap about the lights.  If I need lights, I’ll just shut the tractor off and go to the house.”  And that is what I did tonight.  I drove in the dark about 15 minutes, finished the field and realized that I had been there and back in a day.

Twenty five years ago.  It is now over half of my life time ago that I finished at OSU.  I grew up wanting to go to school there.  Then I went there for four years.  (Why did I ever leave?)  Now, 25 years later.  18 growing up, 4 there and 25 later equals 47.  The math adds up.  Throw in Kela’s time there and we are over a 1/2 century of …I’m getting old.  I have been there and back.

Much like the goat biz.  I’ve been there, done it, seen it and now trying to decide if I want to deal with the there and back again.  Have a good one–I did.

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