Then vs. Now

It is no secret that I am a fan of the all time great movie “Blazing Saddles”.  And there have been plenty of comments of how that movie could not be made today since it absolutely offends everybody.  Personally, I think society ought to sit down together, eat some popcorn and laugh as you realize how everybody comes together and works to save Rock Ridge.

Another show that wasn’t afraid to tackle racial stereotypes and race relations was Chappelle’s Show.  Dave Chappelle had a hilarious sketch comedy show that aired back in the early 2000s.  Recently, they have been airing some of these episodes.  The Racial Draft–with the blacks having the first overall pick and the analysts not sure if Tiger Woods would be drafted by the blacks, the Asians or the Whites.  The blacks ended up drafting Tiger Woods.  “Goodbye fried rice and hello fried chicken.”  There was plenty of hard-hitting analysis for the Jewish, Latin, White and Asian picks.  They make fun of Madonna, Oprah and Mariah Carey.  The Whites drafted Colin Powell but they also have to take Condoleeza Rice.  And in return, they give OJ Simpson back to the blacks.  Nobody was left un-offended.

He also had a sketch about the black Nostradamus–Negrodamus.  And of course, he had a sketch about everybody’s favorite family–The Niggars.  Which was a white family with THAT surname.  These sketches were so wrong that they were right and yet they were funny.

And no, I did not watch the debate (debacle).  I’m not yet old enough to stay up and watch offensive television.


I’ll tell you what else is offensive….first timer momma does that don’t milk very well.

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