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How do we fix it?  That is the real question.  It isn’t easy but it should be.

No, I don’t think that the state 4H or FFA offices can help.  They are normally prone to staying on a fence with as little confrontation as possible.  And it would just be one more damn worthless report for ag teachers/agents to fill out in order to provide documentation of somebody Covering Their Own Ass.  Some states don’t have much of a state office presence at stock shows.  Denver, Phoenix, KC & Lousiville are considered national shows, so a state office really doesn’t have any jurisdiction.

Years ago, an ag teacher might be able to help curb the problem on a local level.  But not now.  This deal is way bigger than an ag teacher deal.  And with homeschool, epic schools & similar educational outlets, there normally isn’t an ag teacher and really, they only have to have a membership card on file to be in 4H.

The breeders, parents and jocks behind these deals feel ZERO repercussions.  What is the saying?  Any publicity is good publicity.  Very rarely is show management aware of this stuff until after the fact.

Here in Oklahoma, we have a unique situation with a daughter of the biggest breeder managing our biggest show–OYE.  I’m going to name some names but it fits the conversation.  No doubt that the Pfeiffer’s are the biggest dog on the block in OK, maybe the whole goat industry.  Tammy and I truly like Jerry, Ada and the kids. Kass is in a high position at OYE.  And not one time, not once ever, have I questioned her integrity with anything that has gone on at OYE.  When there was a bit of a scandal a couple of years ago, I never questioned nor blamed Kass.  I still don’t.  Ask Dale Hummel.  I told him several years ago to not make that phone call.  That is a different story for a different time.  When this hamster judge screwed up the doe show a couple of years ago, I never once blamed anybody but the judge’s incompetence.

Back to the Pfeiffer crew, I may not like nor respect their consultant but that is a different deal.  They want to win.  That IS their business and several people’s livelihoods are tied to selling goats for some $s.  However, that crew knows that they can’t win them all and they truly respect a good showman with a good animal.  They have been on both ends of these crappy judge deals.  They have gotten a gift or two when they shouldn’t have and they have gotten beat when they shouldn’t have.  I do not consider that family to be a part of the problem.

Now, is Kass in a position to help curb a crappy judge?  Maybe.  Is it really her job?  IDK.  And if she is in the position to curb the problem, is she not then also in a position to enable this stuff to continue?  I don’t know.  I truly trust her and her upbringing.  Can Jerry and Kelsey pull on the reins of that heavyweight to make sure it all at least looks kosher?  Sure.  He works for them.  But, he also works for a lot of others.

Here is the next part.  When these judges do this crap, WHY can’t the contributing parties at least make sure to bring a good animal?  That stops a lot of this.  Use a good one and nobody is questioning this stuff.  Buddy deal or not–use a good one.

And here we are again.  How do we fix the problem?  We have to do it.  Call them out.  I wish that it wouldn’t happen on book face or a retarded blog but if that is our only outlet, do what you gotta do.  Of course, crazy mom and barn-blind dad posts don’t help.  I’m not even sure that my dumb ass blog posts will truly make changes but at least discussions are happening.  More breeders, show officials, ag teachers need to call out a crappy judge.  IDK, maybe a reference system.  I mean, if I call an acquaintance in a foreign place like Ft. Gibson and Isbell or Craig tell me that they didn’t enjoy that judge, well, I respect their opinions and I probably don’t try to hire that judge.  Just because there is a backdrop picture of a judge in a magazine or on book face, does not mean that they did a good job.

I do think that there needs to be a rating system.  Consistency of type & kind, reasons, timeliness, cordiality, whatever.  Maybe like an ebay or amazon review chart.  Wait…wait.  I’m calling dibs.  Maybe I need to make a website or app that does that.

“Well, we can’t hire that judge. His Kelln’s expert judge score only qualifies him to judge a Guadalajara donkey show.  And this other one is rated for Cavapoo dogs, Llamas, Hereford pigs and snow cones….wait, what, snow cones?!?!?”

I just read that last stuff that I typed.  It’s time for me to step away from the keyboard.  After the last 4 nights, all of you people have had enough to read and ponder upon.  And I think I need a snow cone.


“S-A-F-E-T-Y  D-A-N-C-E    Act like an imbecile and dance.  If your friends don’t dance, well then they are no friends of mine.”    I apologize for that.  Well, to everybody except for a Ulysses, KS area resident.  Keep that tune rolling through your skull all day.  You are welcome!





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