The Worst

It has to be the worst.  I cannot imagine a worse stretch of highway.  There is not a worse major highway that I know of…ANYWHERE!  This title has to belong to the Cimarron Turnpike.  And we get to PAY to drive on this POS.  It will knock the fillings right out of your teeth.  I would hate to be an animal riding in a trailer to the Tulsa State Fair while bouncing down this stretch of concrete and pavement.

Today, I was coming west down this joyous stretch of modern engineering.  I was in my High Country pickup.  This is normally as smooth of a riding vehicle as you can find.  But not on the Cimarron Turnpike.  This pickup was hooked to a gooseneck 32′ flat trailer with a dovetail and folding ramps.  Yes, a heavy trailer but it pulls good.  I was running the speed limit 75 mph (school trip, people following, etc. )   This road was kicking the crap out of us.  I hit a bump (a bit bigger than the previous 1,386 bumps over the past 12 miles).  This bump bounced the fold up ramps.  The next big bump caught us out of rhythm and bounced the trailer so hard that one of the fold up ramps unfolded.  It was now dragging.  I felt it and kind of saw it in the mirrors and stopped immediately to flip it back up.

Basically, this rough stretch of a piece of crap highway is like a bad storm on a large body of water.  It is not the first wave that sinks boats.  It is the next one that you weren’t ready for.  It cost me over $20 in tolls for 3 pickups and trailers.  They ought to have to pay people to drive on this thing.  If it was an actual business, it would be out of business.

Although it will add a lot of time to the trip, I think that I will probably take a different route to Tulsa.

Earlier in the day, I drove on the Turner Turnpike from OKC to Tulsa.  This cost me about $30 bucks but other than the road construction, it was a pleasant drive.  I did ask the lady in the toll booth if she ever worked over on the Cimarron.  She said, “No”.

I then asked, “What about that road?”  She said “That deal is almost too rough to drive on.”  You dang skippy.

I realize that roads are expensive to build.  But that turd of a road generates a lot of $s.  Something needs to be done.

Here’s to hoping that your day was smoother than a ride on the Cimarron Turnpike.  Which basically means that you could have knocked a tooth out with a hammer, stabbed yourself in the eye with an icepick, bruised a spleen and had your best doe lose babies at birth and you would have still had a smoother day.

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