The time will come

when we are wanting all of this rain.  But right now, there is a large portion of the midwest that needs a break.  Last night, at 11 pm, nothing on the radar.  This morning, bout 3 am, thunder and rain.  Another 1″ of moisture.  I was going to have fertilizer put down but it looks like we will wait a few days.


I haven’t been able to do much, actually for a month or more.  I haven’t had a Mountain Dew since March.  It has been several weeks since I drank any iced tea.  And I would imagine that Budweiser is a bit concerned about downward sales trends during the month of May.


I did help Duke sort calves last night.  Which consisted of me pointing and yelling out ear tag #s.  I check feeders and then tell him what where to dump bags of feed.  I’m probably going to have to pay him something by the time I get healed up.


I did some goat shopping but once again, I pointed and others caught.


This weekend is the spectacle known as Friday Night Fever.  It will be hot.  Sales run in cycles and this one is the hottest of the hot.  I don’t know if I will go or not.  There is almost zero chance of me buying anything but…..



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