The shits

     Just about every goat farm that I have visited, there have been goats with the shits.  I am sure that it has been spread by moving goats from farm to farm as well as people tracking it from farm to farm.  I’ve tried several medications this summer.  Some prescription, some not.  Some chemical, some herbal based.  The best recipe that i have used is as follows:

–2 ccs Baytril–IM, in the muscle

–3 ccs liquid Albon–orally–not all vets carry it, but can easily get it.  

–1 SMZ tablet–orally–small sulfa pills (about an inch long)  available at any vet. If it is a small goat, 5 weeks or younger, break the pill in half.

This seems to dry them up, in a fairly quick time frame.  Most, of the time, I have only had to administer once.  If I do a 2nd day, I don’t use the Baytril, just the Albon and smz tab.  It won’t cure every case of the shits, as it will depend on what is causing the runs.