The shits!


      I now use Duke’s wether barn as an ag farm.  I can unload sheep or goats here for a few days/weeks and then move them to student’s homes.  Luckily, this set of wethers broke with coccidi while they were still at my house.  Easier to doctor.  Except they didn’t respond to the normal medications of SMZ tablets and spectam.  So, off to the vet I went.  What?  You can’t get Marquis!  Give me some Albon then.  Now, a steady diet of praire grass hay and a dose of Albon for several days.  The joys of livestock.


        Speaking of goats.   Name me the wicked cool movie that has this line in it……”Turn goat piss into gasoline.”   


Here’s another cool quote.

I hope to arrive at my death


in love,

and a little drunk.

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