The Review

     Yes, Duke and I made it to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  We watched the 3D version.  It was a packed house with 4 showings in Woodward on Friday night.  

No spoilage here.  

Was it good?  Yes.  The special effects and graphics were unparalleled.  Best I’ve ever seen.  The visuals of the orignal Star Wars back in 1977  were too the moon.  This flick takes it to a whole new level.  For sure, the best 3D movie that I have witnessed.  

Was the story good?  Very.  If this is the first Star Wars movie that you ever see, it will make you want to go back to the originals to find out the back story of the characters.  If you have liked the Star Wars movies, then this one will make you anticipate the next version.  Some of the plot lines were easy to see coming, but those are also the same plots that you were wanting to see.  

You will still love the original characters and most of the new ones bring something to the story.  Everybody knew that Han, Leia, R2, C3P0, Luke and Chewie would be back.  Some had bigger roles than others.  As usual, Chewbacca wins best actor in a supporting role.  But I ask this question?  Is there a bigger bad-ass in the galaxy than Chewbacca?  I think not.  He has saved Princesses, Jedis, Han Solo, rid the galaxy of the empire and now takes on a new evil threat.  He can fly, shoot, rebuild droids and fight bare pawed.  All with a limited vocabulary and being the last Wookie left in the star system.  He has to be the most unique, but HIGHLY recognizable movie character of all-time.

Many things went un-answered, but I’m sure that they will get to those in upcoming movies.  I would probably rank this the 3rd best Star Wars flick.  The original will always be #1 for me as it started it all.  Empire Strikes Back had the best stories and it introduced us to Yoda.  This one introduces us to new plots, while bringing in the old ones and the action is, dare I say it, out of this world.    

      I would push a pile of chips to the middle that Duke and I will see this flick again in the next week.

And I’m still waiting on two does to kid.