The perfect DRENCH

Finally a good widespread drenching rain across NW Oklahoma. I may actually have some customers at the store today that will be in a good mood. I’ve listened to people around Alva, Enid and OKC talk about how dry they have been. They haven’t seen dry until you go to Woodward and west into the OK and TX panhandles. That is cow country and a bunch of cow herds have been sold off the past 9 months. Jed Castle said that Woodward got 3.9 inches of rain last night. We had 1.1 here in the middle of nowhere. Friday is cattle sale day in Woodward, which brings a lot of traffic to town and to the store from all over NW OK, SW Kansas and TX panhandle. I will have full rainfull total reports as the day progresses and I am sure their rain gauges will be more accurate than any TV stations or NWS. No matter the amounts, this was a much needed drenching.

Got a couple of text messages last night looking for a feed company to sponsor a drench. Judging from the typing and the pictures and the fact that the texts originated in the 73077 zip code, I don’t think that the drench is for goats. Although the aluminum packaging would be handy.

Judging from the posts on message boards and the questions I routinely get, I don’t think very many people understand the purpose of a drench. Most people think that you mix up some magic potion, put it in your goat and BOOM!! your goat will automatically pop muscle. It doesn’t work that way. A drench is designed to keep moisture in the muscle. It is the rehydration of muscle cells. The stress of hauling, shearing and being in a new place takes water out of the cells. A drench is rehydrating those cells with water and sometimes, electrolytes to help retain water in those cells. By monitoring the amount and type of drench, you can manipulate fill of the animal and you can affect the freshness of the handle of the animal. It isn’t rocket science. Most of it is common sense. Yes, I know that a lot are lacking in the common sense department–goats and people. Just as a glass of juice feels good at times, some need coffee of a morning, while a pop or beer works better for others and a cool, glass of water almost always hits the spot, different drenches have different uses. It isn’t a secret, just a learning curve. And nobody is just going to hand you a “here’s how you do it card” when you first get a goat. Why? 1–You would screw it up anyway. 2–Everybody needs to earn the right to learn what others have gained from experience.


Have a wet and happy day!

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