The Limp

There is nothing like a goat to have some unexplained malady. The shits, snotty nose, or worse, the limp. Every time I do chores, I scan the young ones and look for a malady. I will normally not doctor them immediately, because, a lot of times it is corrected by the next chore time. However, if it is serious, you better get right on it.

Last night, an 8 week old buck kid wasn’t moving very swiftly. He was carrying a back leg. No swelling, no fever in any joints, nothing visible. This morning. The same. Of course, it couldn’t be some scag that is bound for Perry sale barn. Those shitters never get hurt. They take up feed and stay common. No, it has to be a buck prospect. I don’t have a clue what is wrong with him. I’ve checked his hoof, in between his toes, joints, leg, etc. It has to be in his hip. I’ve doctored him. He will either get better or not. We will just have to see. Obviously, I will be in a good mood today.

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