The Great Wall of….Ernie?!

      So, last Wednesday evening our crew loaded up at the fairgrounds and headed west out of Tulsa then back to the south.  We followed the hand drawn directions given to us by the person whose house we were headed to…Ernie Tannehill.  We drove past the country club, then turned down the drive to Ernie’s house.  It is a really nice house that sits on about 7 acres.  Add 3 or 4 barns & sheds to house about 50 does and you have Ernie’s new goat operation.  There was a small crowd enjoying the hospitality.  There was a Texan and a Kansan goat giant present.  Throw in some low rent Okies and you had a good grew.

     Ernie has raised sheep for years, but is now venturing into the goat game.  We were there to see his buck purchase.  “Crush” is his new buck.  I had not seen Crush since he was weaned towards the end of May.  This buck has grown out really well.  That is if you like a lot of base width, big bone, hog ass, big back and a cool look.  He is sired by I-40.  Crush was worth the trip out there.

     As we walked out the north side of the barns to look at does, you realize that there is a wall on the west side of the property.  When I say wall, I’m talking 20 feet tall and a 100 hundred yards long kind of wall.  As you stand there and look up towards the top of the wall all you can see over the top is the twin spires of Ernie’s neighbors 4 million dollar house.  All this wall needs to be complete is a drawbridge, a moat and some gators in the moat.  What did this wall cost?

      Ernie has lived there longer than his neighbors, which means that he and his livestock are grandfathered in.  The neighbor doesn’t like Big Ern or his sheep and goats.  He doesn’t want to see them or hear them.  Of course, the neighbor tried to buy Ernie out, but Ernie wasn’t in a selling mood.  High rent district–low rent attitude.  Classic!

     Anyway, look for some really good goats to be raised in the shadow of the great wall.  If you are in the Tulsa area, put Ernie’s place on your stop of things to see.  You will see good goats, a massive wall and Ernie is fun to talk to (I promise you, he will talk and talk.)