The good stuff

     I had goat royalty in my barn on this beautiful OK evening.  The breeder of the grand wether at OYE 2013 graced my barn.  Actually, he also raised the grand at some show in Kansas this past year.  I was honored by his presence.  Jared Schneberger.  He walked in (maybe he floated), surveyed the does and kids and turned to speak.  I was hoping for something that was from Star Wars–May the force be with these goats.  Or even something a little POPE like–In the name of the FATHER, the SON and the HOLY SPIRIT and may these be healthy, banner winning goats.  (Yes, I know this may be a little bit sacrilegious, but I’ve been dodging lightning bolts for a long time.  Please forgive me.)

     No!!!  What does the man with the golden touch say.  And I quote, “HAAAA!!!  Your best does have doe kids on them!”  Gee, thanks for reminding me.  I’ve had people ask me about Jared raising the grand goat at OYE.  I’m stoked for him and his crew.  I love seeing the “good” guys get a piece of the pie.  Heck, it’s what we are all after.  Could it be an accident?  Sure.  But I will bet that it wasn’t.  He will raise more good ones out of doe kids bred like that wether.  There is a plan and a desire.  That deal will be good.  I will bet on it.  

     I have a plan and it happens to not involve goats.   I’ve already decided that this doe kid epidemic happened for a reason. I get the message.  It is time to get serious about raising goats or we are going to have a dispersal sale and then I’m going fishing.  

     Wait.  What?  Oh yeah, I’m going to go fishing this year.  A lot!!  That is the plan.  Duke and I have already voted and 2013 is the year of going fishing.  I thoroughly enjoy shopping for goats.  I might even be addicted to the hunt.  A wether with a story?  Oh yeah!! I’m in.  I love driving out of the way for a killer good meal.  I could sit in Busch Stadium on any given day and watch some baseball. But, if you want me to BEhave, BE quiet and BE happy…well, send me fishing.  Doesn’t matter where or for what as long as I catch something.  I can just BE me.  I’ve caught big fish, but I am always in a good mood if I am catching anything.  Give me a choice–show the grand wether at OYE or go back to Costa Rica and catch sailfish.  Book me a flight for mid-March because I’m not going to be in OKC. 

      There was no fishing in my life last year, due to drought, moving ,etc.  The year before, Duke and I slayed several ponds around Fairview before they went dry.  We are due this year.  

     We are going to enjoy the good stuff.  Catch a fish.  Enjoy life.  Maybe even keep a pile of doe kids, just to see how they grow out.  Maybe, I can find a buck to turn in with them next winter.  Maybe, just maybe, I will manage to find time to organize, manage and flush some of these does.  Maybe not?  If you show up here this year and wonder what we’ve been doing;  I bet we’ve been fishing.  Maybe, I need Schneberger to go fishing with us so that we can catch the big one.  


p.s  We might help with goats for good fishing.  

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