The day after

     Yes, I have survived a full day after setting up a facebook account.  I will also admit that I am guilty.  Yes, I got done with chores last night and came to the computer and clicked on a website–not the Chive or oklahomashowgoats as has always been my routine.  I went straight to facebook to see if I had any new friends.  

     Don’t be expecting me to write anything on facebook.  The Dragon Lady has banned me from writing on there.  She thinks this blog is dangerous enough.

     There is a lot of crap about that website that I don’t undertand.  The “like” button.  I don’t get it.  If I like a website, I go back to it on a regular basis.  Why do I need to click “like”?   Asking somebody to “like” a page?  That’s kind of like giving yourself your own nickname.  

     If you need any stall dividing pens for OYE (or any other show for that matter) give Tim Dunkin a holler  580-334-8910.  He has some really handy panels that are lightweight and pin together to make handy pens that fit inside the OYE horse stalls.  Plus, you can use them around the house to make portable load out pens, keep a set of twins caged, creep gate or whatever uses you might need.  He can deliver to OYE.