The BIG pitchman

        So, the other night, I am lying on the couch, watching the tv.  Can’t even remember what I was watching.  A commercial came on, then another, then another.  All 3 commercials had the same pitchman.  Hunh?!?!

      I like the dude.  Don’t really care what he is selling.  However, he always catches my attention.  Probably why he is on 3 back to back to back commercials.  The commercial that really caught my attention was a Papa John’s commercial.  I like their pizza.  But this commercial got me to thinking.  Why is Shaquille O’Neal selling Papa John’s pizza AND why does he look like the Bumble from the animated Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?  SERIOUSLY!!   Watch that commercial.  Shaq in a white wig and crappy moustache looks like the Bumble that was taken down by Yukon Cornelius.  He looks like he is getting ready to put the star on the top of the Christmas tree.  Shit you not!   

        I enjoyed watching basketball in the 80s & 90s.  Now, not so much.  I liked watching Shaq at LSU and then the Magic and the Lakers.  After that, who cares.   However, that dude has stayed relevant and he is always comical.  The video of him eating the ghost pepper on the nba show is funny.   

       Read “The Big Pitchman” on  It is interesting.  Shaq has 3 rules for what products he endorses.  

1–The product must be affordable to the average consumer.

2–He must believe in the product and use it himself.

3–The commercials must bring laughter.  

    But, the General Insurance?  When he got to LSU, he bought a Bronco II for $1,500.  He needed insurance.  He got The General insurance for $19 a month.  There you go.  

     Icy Hot.  One of the Laker’s trainers used it on Shaq.  Now, this is his longest running endorsement.  

And Papa John’s.  Well, go read the story. 

     This dude was a badass athlete but he is either a business genius or surrounded by really good advisors.  He made a lot playing a game but he has made a 1/2 BILLION since.  The story even talks about his biggest mistake.  starbucks coffee.  “I’m from the hood & I ain’t never seen a starbucks. Black people don’t drink coffee.  I never saw my folks drink coffee.”

       Is he the G.O.A.T.?   It’s either him or Michael Jordan.  On the court….Jordan.  On the endorsements, Shaq is still ringing the bell.  It’s close.  


       Now, I will hit submit and start a holiday blog.  Peace Out.  And prayers and thanks to all of those that have given us the independence that we enjoy.  


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