The Best Ever

Let’s get right to this list of 1.  Yes, the one and only one.  UNO.  There is no #13 or a 4A and 4 b.  Just 1.  That’s it.


I don’t ever pay money for this.  But, I like the stuff.  I’ve had the name brand stuff before but it pales in comparison.  My dad makes a really good mix but it isn’t the best.


Without a doubt, there is no other, the best I have ever had, it makes life better…..


the #1 chex mix ever made comes from…..


Brandon THE Bruce.


WICKED AWESOME!!!   I knew this before but he brought me a jug of it today at the pig show that reiterated the facts.


Ask Tyke.  Best ever.  Actually, he made it for Tammy & Duke.  But…….



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