Thanskgiving Day

       We had a successful Thanksgiving.  It was here in paradise, 3 miles south of Fargo.  My parents were here.  Both brothers and their families.  Even had a couple of family friends that attended dinner with us.  I love it that we have extended “family” that feel welcome enough to spend a holiday with us.  We also got to do a little facetime with our traveling Kelln.  

       I smoked a turkey.  I also threw some hot links on the smoker, just because there was room.  I will be smoking lots of hot links in the future.  Daniel smoked a really good brisket.  Mom cooked a ham (for Jake the Whiner).  She also baked a bunch of pies and cobblers.  The rest of the girls took care of all of the fixings.  The meal was great.  Dad brought an assortment of wines.  Tammy broke out a 2 year old Sand Plum Vodka.  SMOOTH.  Jake brought his usual–lots of conversation.  

      Then Dad broke out his gift to Mom.  Somebody did some jewelry shopping.  Today marked their 45th wedding anniversary.  They were married on Thanksgiving Day in 1970.  Congrats to them!   45 years is quite an accomplishment in this day and time.  And they must have done something right as all three boys are married to their one and only.  I know that I am WAY past the over on how long people thought that the Dragon Lady would keep me around.  

       We have a lot to be thankful for on this day.  GOD bless all of us.  

And then the weather went to crap.  But, at least we got some rain.  Have a good one and a better tomorrow.