Thanksgiving Weekend

I haven’t watched much football.  Just a bit of the Michigan/Ohio State game.  Then I caught the ending of the Penn State game.  I was at Penn State in 1991 when meats judging for Okie State.  We practiced at the Penn State meats lab, which at that time, was just across the road from Happy Valley, Beaver Stadium or whatever else they call that cathedral of college football.  It was several days before a home game for Penn State, but there was already a pile of RVs parked in their spots and lots of people there, getting ready for whatever big game they had that weekend.  Things kind of seem right with Penn State having a good football team again.

I am not in the mood to hunt deer.  I haven’t been for several years.  But, I am in the minority in this part of the world.  I was on a tractor Friday evening.  It was 5 pm.  I was driving just west of the house, right next to a waterway and a fence line.  A big buck jumped up out of the weeds in the waterway and headed East.  I had a great view from the tractor seat.  Really, really good buck.  He ran East for about 10 yards, then decided to jump the fence to the south.  I wish I had a camera.  He jumped, but his front feet caught the top wire and flipped him ass over head.  When he hit the ground on the south side of the fence, he landed on his back.  It was one of those rare nature scenes that you just don’t see very often.  He rolled over, got up and hauled ass.  I just laughed, thinking about all of the hunters, (my family included) that hadn’t seen this buck and didn’t get to see what I saw.  

We had a great Thanksgiving Day.  My parents, brothers and their families converged here south of Fargo.  We also had a few non-related “family” members attend.  You can’t have too many friends and family.  Tammy noticed that her hens didn’t lay as many eggs on Friday.  I think it was the nephew chasing the hens.  I kind of “egged” him into trying to catch a chicken.  There is lots of sidewalk art on the driveway from the nieces and nephew drawing with chalk.  

I will give more thanks when this dang wind subsides.  This has to be the windiest year on record in NW OK.  

I am giving thanks that there is some decent programming on tv.  Lots of college football, another airing of Die Hard, another airing of The Hangover and whoa, wait, there we go, the National Dog Show is on.  I think that I will watch these dogs.  And as I am watching these dogs, I watch the handlers as they trot the dogs around the show ring.  I’m pretty sure that most of these handlers don’t jog very often.  Have a good one.