Thanksgiving weekend

I was ready for this break.  Although we weren’t in school, I did spend several days dealing with livestock projects.  Unfortunately, there were several pigs that need doctored.

Thanksgiving day brought a pile of people to our house.  Smoked turkeys and LOTS of good eatings were provided.  The pile of pies that I bought did not stack up to the home-made pies.

We did get a little bit redneck Thursday afternoon.  The weather was perfect and nephew Jett wanted to practice shooting.  Tammy let us use the pumpkins that were stacked around outside for decorations.  It didn’t take long to decide to cut one pumpkin open and insert a pound of tannerite.  Then we stacked more pumpkins on top and around that one.  It was awesome.  Pumpkin parts were scattered all over the pond area.

Friday found us AIing cows.  Saturday brought a day of building goat pens and moving does and bucks around.  One thing with goats, there needs to be a strategy when building pens and goats.  There needs to be alleys, catch pens and dividers that keep does from destroying panels.  An aerial shot of my various pens would look like a Chinese gopher tunnel system but it works.

Have a good one.

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