It is a known fact that I don’t like texting, but that I also understand the value of using text messaging.  I am not opposed to using the written word (obviously) and that proper writing is a problem texting.  HOWEVER, in the past hour, I have dealt with several people VIA text messages.  After the 6th one, I noticed that 5 out of the 6 had replied with the same final reply–THANKS.  These weren’t necessarily goat people.  These were all over 40 years old, business minded people–oil, ag, website, etc.  It may be a generational deal, but it shouldn’t be.  If a question is aked, then answered, there is nothing wrong with a proper reply of THANKS.  And yes, I made sure that I replied with a proper THANKS.  As I am still in the kid raising business, I will gladly trade purple banners for a kid that knows how to say thanks as well as give thanks.  Tammy and I did right on the first one and we are liking what we see with the next one.  

On that note, I am well aware that on any given day, I can act/sound like/actually be the most growly son-of-a—- that you can encounter.  However, I make sure and give thanks and ask for help everyday.  I can look & act mean ( most will tell you that I can back it up properly), but inside, I have good music rolling through my skull and that I actually think positive.  It is hard to be in the ag business and kid business and NOT be positive.  Otherwise, why do it?  I don’t care who you are, or what your resume looks like, thanks is owed to somebody, somewhere.  

Give Thanks, Say Thanks and be Thankful.  Have a great day and a better tomorrow.  

P.S.  Remember when television newsfeeds would be labeled VIA Satellite.  I’m getting old.