I am very thankful to all that bought and bid on our does in the onine bred doe sale.  Thank you.  That sale shows the power of the internet—two are headed to Colorado, two to Texas, two to Kansas, one to Georgia and two stay in Oklahoma.  I hope to hear good reports out of the offspring of these females.  

     That sale did baffle as to why the two does of Seelke’s didn’t bring a pile of cash.  I don’t get it?  Two well presented, proven females, bred right and ready to go.  I didn’t need two more does, but I dang sure bid on them for a bit.  I think a lot of people missed the boat on those.  

      And to tell you something else that I am thankful for….I am REAL happy that I don’t live anywhere near Buffalo, New York.  Lake effect snow?  Where do they come up with these terms?  Whatever it is, I don’t want any part of it.  

     Have a good day and a better tomorrow.  Oh wait, it’s Thursday.  Thursdays are good.