Thank You

Thank you to all that bought, bid, looked at, inquired or viewed the online buck sale.  I am happy for these bucks.  I am happy for the new owners.  And I will really be happy to be done.


Next up will be a semen sale.

Then there will be a mature buck sale.  Next Friday and UZI will be offered.

Won’t have a doe sale for awhile.

April will bring probably 4 semen sales.

And then we will figure what to do with the equipment.


Online sale DOs and DON’Ts

DO make sure that your phone is charged as 7pm nears.

DO NOT schedule a sale while you are still showing cattle at your district show.

DO get good pics.

DO NOT mis-represent the animals.  Be prepared to explain flaws, positives, negatives, etc.


Do have a good day.  And Do NOT let the negativity in the world get your down.  It’s all good!

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