I spend a lot time on a phone–office phone, iPhone, bluetooth in the pickup, shop phone, etc. Enough that I have to recharge my phone almost everyday by late afternoon. Tammy says that is all I do is talk equipment, talk goats or talk shit all day on the phone. A lot evenings I plug my phone into the charger and go outside and don’t look at it again until about 9 p.m. That is just too see if I missed something important.

I don’t know who came up with texting, but I don’t like it. Yes, I know it is quicker and it works well for some. It pisses me off that I won’t have a phone signal, but a text will go through. That doesn’t make sense to me. This part is actually good for a couple of customers that don’t have phone signal but send me info. I do enjoy reading some of those late evening texts that come from some individuals (Big I).

I will read every text. Recieving them doesn’t bother me. It is replying that drives me nuts. I have about a 3 reply limit and then I quit answering. More and more often, people text me to price goats or request pictures of goats. All I have is somebody’s number, no identity, no name, nothing but a number that is almost always from a different area code. I don’t like to do business without actually talking to somebody. I don’t like to answer questions about an animal without knowing the goals and intentions for that animal. What show? When? Who is judging? etc. Are you just needing a goat or are you wanting my advice throughout the project. Yes, price is important. But I am all about maximizing the animal for the dollars spent.

In my opinion, texting is to be used by people that know each other. That way, you have an idea of the personality behind the texts. There needs to be an etiquitte class for texting. Identify yourself–Name and location. Don’t ask more than two questions via text. If you have that many questions call me. I probably won’t answer. Leave a message. If I don’t return the call by the next day. Try again.

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