I hate ’em but they are a neccesary evil.  I don’t check texts while driving.  Therefore, when I stop driving, I have forgetten that I have texts.  And in the meantime, more texts come in, so the earlier, un-opened texts get pushed down the line.  

      Texts are also an improper form of communication.  It is dang neart impossible to properly send a text with proper emotion tied to it.  It just comes across wrong.  And somebody can get butt-hurt, when no harm was intended.  

       Texts are very good at short, to the point messages.

 “Please feed kidding barn for me.  I’m going to be late.”  “Done.”   “Thanks.”

   “Send me so and so’s phone #.”  “Thanks.”  

       Texts are also very good at sending humour.  That’s the extent of my like of texts.