I mentioned tamales last week.  Oh, they were soooo good!   A student’s mother brought fresh pork tamales and jalapeño & cheese tamales and refried beans and salsa.  Another student’s mom made the best rice that I have ever had along with a salsa that packed some eat.  This started as a food science discussion in a class full of seniors.

I ate all of this on Friday morning at 9:30 am.  I about foundered. I did not eat again until after lunch on Saturday.

Going forward, I can see my week ending in Tulsa, which means Tally’s Cafe.

Currently, we aren’t breeding any does.  It is the time of year when we wait for a breeding period that ends with births at the end of March.  I am breeding a few does for other people.  UZI has been in a good mood lately.


Tammy and Jennifer traveled to Stillwater to watch that game.  It wasn’t pretty but a win is a win.  Just ask the u of o fans.   Heckuva a win for K State?!?!  Gotta luv it.

Have a good one.

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